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What is the Rooted Here Annual Meeting?

Rooted Here (which oversees the South Cumberland Farmer's Market and the South Cumberland Food Hub) is a member organization. Our members consist of customers and farmers who invest in the organization by paying a modest annual dues ($35) and by voting to shape the organization and the work that we do. The Annual Meeting of the Organization will take place on January 26th at 2 pm at the Sewanee Community Center. All are welcome to attend. A detailed agenda will be released prior to the meeting.

The Rooted Here Board of Directors will meet on January 12th at 2 pm at the Sewanee Community Center for a regular board meeting. We are now accepting nominations for board members. Please email for more information or to make a nomination.


Food For Thought - The Price of Eggs

While I was waiting in line to buy chicken feed at the Farmer's Co-op, I overheard the woman in front of me asking the a cashier about the price of the eggs that were displayed on the counter. $3 a dozen was the answer. The woman replied that that seemed "awfully high and that they were only $2 something at the grocery store".  As a frugal shopper, I sympathized with the woman, but I also know a bit about the costs involved in raising chickens and certainly the feed costs which were posted on the sign board directly across the counter from the woman. The experience reminded me of this article on Small Farm Egg-"onomics" from On Pasture, published in 2013 .  I recommend this article (and the comments) to all egg growers and consumers.

Local Food Links

Solace Farm Homestead Blog - Amy has a new blog entry celebrating the new farm helpers that have arrived in Coalmont.


Market News

Jess Wilson from Summer Fields in Monteagle reports that she has a few dozen eggs on the market this week. Her chickens have surprised her with some lovely January eggs. She apologizes for having raised her prices this year but has made a resolution to actually do the math and this is a little closer to covering costs.

Dogwood Farm in Monteagle has a number of new muffins available including gluten free chocolate ricotta muffins!!

Three Oaks Farm in Sewanee has rabbit available this week. Rabbit is a mild flavored lean white meat that can be substituted for chicken in almost all dishes.

Farmer Brown's in McMinnville has Organic Ezekiel Bread on the market! Ezekiel bread is super nutritious - full of whole grains and legumes that they mill just before making the bread. Both plain organic and Ezekiel with blueberries will be offered this week.
Rainbow Hill Farm in McMinnville will have broccoli, cabbage, and field grown Red Lollo Lettuce this week only. They plan to have more produce ready later this winter but this will be the LAST broccoli and cabbage offering (for now). They send thanks to their returning and new customers for such a warm welcome back to the market!
Michael's Farm in Centertown will be back on the market this week with cabbage, turnips, Kennebec potatoes, and Russet potatoes. If you need potatoes be sure to stock up. Supplies are running low.
Yellowbird Farms from McMinnville returns with lamb on the market this week. Chops, stew meat, ground lamb, racks, and legs will be available. Lamb has a delicious mild flavor and can be substituted in many recipes that call for beef -  meatballs, casseroles, and stews.
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The South Cumberland Farmer's Market and the South Cumberland Food Hub are divisions of Rooted Here, located in Sewanee, Tenn., an organization of farmers, artisans, and agricultural producers who work together to facilitate and expand the sale of local products; provide education, services, and support to farmers and consumers; and lay the groundwork for a just, equitable, and sustainable local food economy.

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