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Outfit Behind Turkish Coup Has Big Presence In Mumbai

Turkey's consul general in Mumbai has warned that the organisation blamed for the July 15 attempt to overthrow President Tayyip Erdogan's government has deep roots in Mumbai and some other parts of the country and poses a grave danger to India's internal security.

In a letter addressed to the Union Home Ministry, Consul General Erdal Sabri Ergen has said Fetullah Terror Organisation (FETO) led by US-based cleric Fettullah Gulen controls a number of educational, cultural, and business organisations in Mumbai and other metros of the country.

The letter urges both the Union and the state government to take action against the FETO-controlled organisations and the individuals associated with them. Ergen said officials from the Turkish embassy in Delhi are following up the matter with the central government.

In an exclusive chat with Mirror, Ergen said in Mumbai FETO's network includes a school, a language centre, a guesthouse and a branch of abank that shut down a little under three years ago. He said while the school and the language centre had downed shutters around one-anda- half years ago, his government has information that attempts are being made to reopen them.

According to the investigations carried out by Turkish consulate officials, two educational centres of FETO were operational in Mumbai till recently — one in Andheri (west, near the station) and other in south Mumbai inside Musafirkhana. While the educational institutions have shut down, the FETO is functioning.

In our report on the Turkish Coup last week - Fight For Turkey - The Gateway To India we explained the extent of Gullen's worldwide operations from its base in Pennsylvania, US and the strategic importance of events in Turkey today with regards to India. Now it has come to light that $2 billion were routed into Turkey via UBA Bank in Nigeria by CIA operatives which was distributed among the pro-coup military personnel who were directed by the former NATO Commander from the US base in Turkey.

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