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Happy Halloween!

While we're in the midst of Star Wars Halloween over at my place (I'm wearing an R2-D2 skater dress this year), we're actually just two months away from Christmas. Auditions have already started for various holiday shows, so I wanted to introduce you to a new seasonal play of mine.

Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen is a one-act comedy filled with monologues great for young actors. Consider it for a production, to wow directors with fresh audition material, or just for a fun read.  Check out a description and excerpts below. In the mean time (lest you try to trick me), accept this sweet treat: 15% off this new play when you buy it here, using Discount Code: H7USHF86.

For more fun, participate in the contest below and you could win a personalized monologue!

Have a fantastic week and Happy Creating!



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To four young children, Christmas is no simple sleigh ride. Annie’s new best friend is a talking reindeer, and she’s not sure if that’s really okay... Sam is experiencing the pressure of being the Lead Shepherd in the church pageant. Dylan has a very secretive wish he hopes Santa can deliver. And Lauren needs to make sure someone is giving her little brother a very special Christmas. Experience the joys and challenges of Christmas through the eyes of children in this monologue-driven one-act comedy.
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Record yourself performing one of the monologues below from the new play, and you'll be entered to win a personalized monologue that I will write for you! Email me first if you'd like to participate, then remember to give proper writing credit in your recording.  If you're on twitter, you can post it there, using #meddaughmonologue and send me a tweet (@t_meddaugh).  If you're not on twitter, you can simply email me the video link (kids--get permission from your parent or guardian first and copy them on the email to me.).
*Let me know if you have questions--and have fun!
Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen

(As always, be sure to request permission before using my work. Thanks!)

SAM: Well—what you’re forgetting—I mean—think about it—what you’re forgetting is that, is that, is that, shepherds weren’t neat. They didn’t, like, have a washing machine or something.  They were out in the dirt with the sheep and stuff and probably had to, I don’t know, like, sleep in a mud puddle sometimes? If it was raining? And Mrs. Wendell told us to really try to think like our character, like, what would a shepherd be doing if he was just out there with the sheep all day? So...Click for more.

LAUREN: You did a really bad job last year. I know I’m just a kid, and I know they say what you do is hard, but I mean, I could have done a way better job. And I’m not even a teenager.  Like, here’s a tip. Girls like to build things too. Okay?  If you knew me at all, you’d know that...Click for more.

DYLAN: I really don’t think it’s too much to ask. I’ve done everything you told me to in your letter last year. I’ve stopped hitting my little brother. I don’t complain—very much—when I have to do homework. I even donated seven toys to Goodwill yesterday ‘cause Mom said I didn’t have enough room for anything more. So I’m ready, Santa. I’m only asking you for one thing this year. And you can try...Click for more.

ANNIE: Hey…you’re magical, right?  Like, you don’t have wings, I know that. But I know you fly. I’ve seen you on Christmas Eve.  Plus, I think I saw you practicing your route on Thanksgiving night—right before we met. And, you talk, which has got to be magical because I keep talking to Bilbo—you know, my golden retriever—and he never talks back. Most of the time, I don’t think he even understands me except when I said “go for a walk." Click for more.
Use one of the monologues above to participate in the monologue contest. Email me if you have questions, or if you'd like to participate.
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