Paleomantic #7 We're almost 1 year old! Stay Tuned for our Birthday Giveaway!
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Hi Friends!

Exciting times - Paleomantic is almost 1 year old! Thanks to you, the blog is growing up! From diapers to training wheels, it's been a steep learning curve. Navigating technology and social media isn't easy, and whilst I know there's a long way to go, I have to say that the first year of the blog has been brilliant. It's so rewarding to know that, gauging from your comments, Paleomantic is really helping people make positive, healthy choices in their day to day lives.

Our 1st birthday falls mid-June,  and I want to celebrate with an Gift Voucher Giveaway!

Here's a preview, just for you:
  • I'll be giving away 3 Gift Vouchers to the value of US$20, $15and $10 respectively. (Note: this will be just .com, not .uk, .it etc)
  • To be in the running just click through to from Paleomantic and buy any paleo-inspired product (anything - not just those in the Shop.) 
  • Email me a copy of your purchase confirmation. 
  • I'll put all the entries into a hat and winners will be drawn randomly.
  • I'll be in touch with you personally to organise your Gift Vouchers. 

Now, Hold your Horses - don't head out shopping right away - wait till I announce the Launch and the Dates of the Giveaway! But put your thinking caps on and write up your wish list for those things which you need to enhance your Paleo Lifestyle... from Cassava Flour to Mark Sisson's latest, from a spiralizer to a standing desk... the choice is yours!

Here on the home front, it's all strawberries, strawberries, strawberries - still! So last weekend we indulged in the gorgeously fresh Strawberry Shortcake featured below. Oh, you must! It's very Paleo, which means no added sweetener sprinkled onto the berries or swirled through the coconut cream - just a little muscovado in the vanilla-scented biscuit. I'll definitely be making it again. Soon. 

Here's the news:

What's Cooking?

Strawberry Shortcake - Paleo, Easy, Divine

Strawberry Shortcake, what a wonderful thing! Two layers of pastry that are half-way biscuit, half-way cake, lavished with the thickest coconut cream you can find, and adorned with fresh strawberries that are oozing crimson juice.  So pretty, and so uncomplicated...

Tumeric Tea with Citrus and Spice

If you're anything like me, you're probably always seeking ways to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum. If it was possible to drink good Italian coffee made in the perculator all day, I would. But I can't, and nor should you. This is a beautiful, cleansing alternative for any time of day.


What is Inflammation and When is It Unhealthy?

Inflammation is a healthy response of our immune system. Acute or chronic, localized or sistemic, it creates the conditions necessary for healing after injury and for defending us against infection. To keep inflammation levels healthy, you need to know how not to give fuel to it's fire.

Paleo Inspiration

Mark's Daily Apple - Humility: A Primal Virtue with Modern Value

Is anyone in the Paleo scene writing such thought-provoking articles as Mark Sisson? This post about Humility is a follow-up to a post he wrote a while back on Leadership - it was the aspect of Humility that sparked the most feedback. Is Humility a dying virtue?

Life Tips

Along Came Katrina - 8 Harry Potter Quotes (& Tips) To Help You Survive College

Love this post - the Wisdom to be found in Harry Potter! Who doesn't love the a great tale of light and dark, of magic and the power of the mind! This is a great collection of quotables to live, work and dream by.
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Take care. 'Til next time, 
Best Wishes, Good Health and Happiness, 

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