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MAY 2018



Welcome to the Hills & District Chamber of Commerce - a friendly and supportive business group bridging the Ferny Hills, Arana Hills, Ferny Grove, Keperra, Mitchelton and surrounding districts. Established in1992, our Chamber is not-for-profit and is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.
If you are involved in a business or community group and live or work in the Hills Districts, why not register for the next meeting - new members and visitors are always welcome.

AGM Nominations

Annual General Meeting (AGM) and nominations for Executive roles for the 2018/2019 Chamber year.
In accordance with the constitution of The Hills & Districts Chamber of Commerce Inc our May Breakfast Meeting also becomes designated as our Annual General Meeting (AGM). To that end all Executive positions have been vacated and the following people have been formally nominated for the various roles. Nominations are now closed.
Ron Crump as the Chamber President
Vicki Buchanan, Jane Kirk and Janie Grant as Vice Presidents
Leonard Whittaker as Secretary
Stuart Jaeschke as Treasurer
Brian Battersby, Peter Kenyon, Mary di Marco and Kellie Pamic as Executive members
We will be taking a short time out of our May Breakfast meeting to conduct the voting process required.  Please note only paid up members are eligible to vote.
We want to acknowledge and thank those current members of the executive who are not nominating for the new year. Mandy Bell and Gary Somerville have made exceptional contributions to the Executive Team and will continue to add value to the Chamber in other roles.

Membership Committee recruitment drive!

And we're looking for fabulous this you?


Jump onboard with us! With 130 members on the books the Chamber needs a great crew to run this committee…If you’re the type of person who:

  • wants to develop an ongoing rapport with everyone in the Chamber
  • can connect members together, and
  • can buddy up new members with experienced members


If you’re nodding your head in agreement to say, ‘I can do that!’ and you have 1-2 hours a month free then you’d be very welcome.

Being a member of one of the Chamber committees is a rewarding experience and beneficial to you in many ways.

The Membership Committee is revising its objectives under the incoming Executive and will also be looking for a Chairperson to head it up. Why not be part of the planning!

So, what are you waiting for?

Email Jane Kirk on to register your interest and join the crew. Thanks so much!

Kent McDonalds breakfast welcomes are just one of the Committees' tasks
Image courtesy of Vicki Yen Photo

Big Breakfast Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsorships are now open for the 2018 Big Breakfast. We are hoping the 2018 Big Breakfast is Bigger than ever and have set ourselves an attendance target of 300 guests … AND a fundraising goal of $20,000 to go back into the community for worthy not for profit organisations supporting causes that we care about.
Now that’s Big!

So that we can meet our goal, I ask that you consider sponsorship yourself … AND ask that you share the proposal with as many business people as you possibly can.

Have a look through your email boxes and client databases noting who might be self-employed and who would be interested in leveraging their brand in a new network. Let the businesses around you know that you are involved and invite them to participate.
Please note that sponsorship preference will go to existing members, but potential sponsors need not be current members, as their kind sponsorship also includes 2018/19 annual membership to the chamber! Touching base with your clients and contacts is a great way to encourage new members to join us whilst letting them know you are involved in a worthy fundraising activity.
The proposal document has been emailed to all members - if you have not received a copy, please contact:

Charmaine Renaud | | 0418 986 552
Joke Chadwick | | 0412 988 843
Leah Hudson | | 0432 682 024


Ron Crump

Hello everyone,
The year is in full swing with the “Budget 2018-19” presented to parliament and with it the hope for better times for the people of Australia.
Generally it would seem that the budget is reasonable and constructive yet I, like so many, can be quick to criticise. Obviously I would have liked to have seen more structured support for small business because it is known that we are the major contributors to the financial well being of our great nation.
Those who sit on the opposition benches (irrespective of the party or as independents) see their role as fully challenging the government of the day.

There can be merit in this and a wise old man, Konosuke Matsushita, in applying his learning from nature, said that there can be much to be gained from the tension created by opposites if handled appropriately.
Unfortunately in the era of “Mediacracy” (power to the media) versus “Democracy” (power to the people) the focus is mostly on what is wrong with things to the detriment of taking time to make the effort to look at what is good and constructive.

It is not just the media who look at what is wrong. From an early age we are taught to look at what is not okay and to fix it. Our teachers with the red pens were so quick to point out where we needed to do more work to be “right”.
If we take the time to look at the world from a different perspective it can be refreshing and rewarding.
Our news following the long weekend focused on the road carnage yet there were many millions of people who traveled safely during that period. Millions driving safely hardly rate a mention.
On a daily basis our hospitals in Queensland alone deal effectively with many hundreds of thousands of patients yet the focus is not on the great outcomes achieved by some pretty sensational health workers.
It is on the relatively few errors or discomfort caused through having to wait for care.
So it is with our businesses. Many of us are so focused on what is not doing so well as opposed to what is doing well.
There is a saying I picked up somewhere and it goes along the lines of “Build on your strengths and recruit to your weakness”. You may find it hard to build on your strengths if you and society are highlighting and reinforcing in you and your business your weakness. We are now neurologically hardwired to think and act this way. This is fancy way of saying we have deep seated habits.
We cannot ignore what needs to be worked on and equally we cannot ignore our strengths.
Have a look at what you are already good at or doing well at and then seek to discipline yourself to create new habits so that you might effectively build on them.  Ron
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Vice President

Kellie Pamic

After 3 years in the Vice President role I have made the difficult call not to renominate for the position in the coming year. We have had several brilliant people step up and nominate and I know they believe in what we have built over the last 25 years and that they will continue that work in their own way. I can look back with much pride over what our chamber has achieved in the last few years and thank everyone for the support and contributions.

When a person first walks in to a chamber of commerce meeting, most people have no idea what to expect in the short or longer term so I thought I would share some of the highlights I have experienced.
  • I remember being warmly welcomed and introduced around like an old friend at my first chamber meeting by Brian Battersby, of course! That first breakfast I sat next to Ron Crump who I was then privileged to work alongside these last 3 years. He has been a major support to me personally and to the voice of the chamber.  
  • Leonard works tirelessly in the background keeping all of the balls up in the air and wrangling cats (or the executive as we are called at times). Leonard has been such a wonderful support and ear for me over the years and has been a large influence.
  • My Co Vice Presidents in this last year Mandy Bell and Mary Di Marco saved my sanity and are truly amazing women. Also a big thanks to Alisa Cork who was my secret unofficial Co-VP for most of that time too, always lending a hand and just being there.
  • I could easily name another 30 people who have strongly contributed and supported me in this role over the last 3 years and all I can say is a big warm genuine Thank you!
We have a really special community here in the chamber and I know the incoming executives are going to continue the legacy that so many of you helped create. You haven't entirely got rid of me, I will still sit on the executive and be helping in the background.  Kellie


Leonard Whittaker

Our April Breakfast meeting attracted 75 Registrations with 21 Guests. Unfortunately sickness, children and other activities prevented 7 from attending on the day.  We had 10 new members recognised. Membership for the 2018/2019 now stands at 124 with 27 new members this year.
New Members since March meeting were:
  • Marsha Boyle, Marsha Boyle Simplified Business Solutions
  • Nathan Lockwood, Zenus IT Solutions
  • Leisa Lockwood, Zenus Pty Ltd
  • Steph Gauldie, Crown of Glory Hairdressing
  • Courtney Barton, Barton Family Lawyers
  • Prendon Patrick, Totem Fitness
  • Michelle O’Hara, OH Marketing
  • Robin Drury, George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals
  • Steele Parker, Spark Business Technology
  • Wayne Bramwell, Bramwell Partners
  • Michael Pecic, In Safe Hands Educators In Safety Pty Ltd
Key Community and Chamber members were acknowledged and present short messages.Both spoke on the 2018 Hills Festival:
  • Councillor Matt Constance
  • Steve Butler and the MBRIT team
Table Member introductions was again exciting and loud.

Business card draws were won by:
  • Wayne Bramwell, Bramwell Partners
  • Vicki Buchanan won the bring a guest draw but unfortunately no guest so no free breakfast
The meeting stopped for a moment to recognise the significance of ANZAC day.
Changes to Committee Chairs were announced and some reports were received:
  • Advocacy Committee - Brian Battersby reported on Meet the Candidates, Advocacy and Waste Levy
  • Gary Somerville took on the chair of the Awards (Christmas drinks) committee.  He asked for volunteers
  • Peter Kenyon stepped in as Acting Chair of the Commerce in Schools and Health & Wellness Committees
  • Charmaine Renaud championed the cause of the Big Breakfast Committee in Leah Hudson’s absence
  • Vicki Yen promoted the PR Committee
  • Molly Brumm was announced as the new Chair of the Women in Business Committee
  • Mandy Bell spoke about an upcoming Showcase presented by the Events Committee
  • No reports were presented from the Development and Membership Committees
Treasurer’s report was presented by Ron Crump.
Our Member Speaker was Sally Foley- Lewis who presided over a lively instruction and discussion on building the Perfect Pitch
Our Table Topic encourage all present to discuss their Perfect Pitch to take home and work on. Visitors were invited to introduce themselves. We finished the meeting with several shout outs from members.

If you are bringing guests please advise their details so that we can welcome them appropriately. Please email Leonard Whittaker at

If you would like to view the minutes for any of our past meetings or Chamber other records contact Leonard Whittaker at  Leonard


Stuart Jaeschke

Financial reconciliation report for May 2017 - April 2018. Full financial report available from Stuart Jaeschke on request.

  Income Expenditure Profit/Loss Balance Carried forward Bank Balance
Opening Balance       $14,309.00 $14,309.00
May $9,329.07 $3,215.05 $6,114.02 $20,423.02 $20,423.02
June  $6,880.40 $3,322.35 $3,558.05 $23,981.07 $23,981.07
July $6,764.31 $1,411.30 $5,353.01 $29,334.08 $29,334.08
August $9,371.81 $4,742.80 $4,629.01 $33,963.09 $33,963.09
September $3,975.83 $8,635.35 ($4,659.52) $29,303.57 $29,303.57
October $2,357.40 $18,140.90 ($15,783.50) $13,520.07 $13,520.07
November $4,123.53 $2,320.25 $1,803.28 $15,323.35 $15,323.35
December $1,728.82 $3,004.44 ($1,275.62) $14,047.73 $14,047.73
January $2,332.15 $435.00 $1,897.15 $15,944.88 $15,944.88
February $5,875.88 $1,411.45 $4,464.43 $20,409.31 $20,409.31
March $4,717.88 $4,379.55 $338.33 $20,747.64 $20,747.64
April $3,627.61 $4,283.79 ($656.18) $20,091.46 $20,091.46
Total $61,084.69 $55,302.23 $5,782.46    


Advocacy Committee

Chairperson | Brian Battersby

Queensland Government Waste Levy - From Proposal to Reality

Amazing change in status from a “Proposed Waste Levy” to its “Imminent Announcement” maybe next month. This is a change in just one month from our April newsletter. The   change announced as of 20th April Courier Mail Article that reports Deputy Premier Jackie Trad revealed that a new “Waste Levy” is to be brought forward now aimed to be announced as part of the June 2018 State Budget. Then it might become effective around 1st January 2019.

In recent weeks we have written a 2nd email to both State Members asking them to put this new tax on hold, to allow a great opportunity for sufficient and appropriate community consultation, like; the cost, who it will impact business and/or residential and could it become a new state-wide tax. As of writing this story no reply received to our 2nd query. Refer below to the four Courier Mail articles for your information.

  • Tim Mander MP advised previously by Email dated 15/3/18 he opposes a new Levy. 
  •  Mark Furner MP (who is a Palaszczuk Government Minister) advised previously by letter dated 29/3/2018. Click here for a copy of the letter.

For any further information contact Brian Battersby via email   Brian

Moreton Bay Regional Council - 10 year Story
Stewart Pentland, Director of Planning & Economic Development, MBRC, delivered a fascinating presentation to the Chamber’s breakfast on 27 March. Some of the statistics are summarised below:

Job changes across the Chamber region

What does all this mean for our Chamber of Commerce Region? Well, it helps us know who our local market is (on average, families), our competitors, potential areas of growth due to servicing a rapidly growing population, and likewise, opportunities for investment and personal development; and potential obstacles (such as increased traffic congestion).

In the next newsletter: The MBRC economic action plan and the delivery of The Mill (USC Petrie).  Nicky Roberts

Business Skills Awareness Committee

Chairperson | Sheldon Morey

Hi, my name is Sheldon Morey and I'm the Chair of this committee. Looking for other interested members to help. Load is light rewards are great.
This is my second year in the chamber and I have been running the committee since the middle of last year. The brief of the committee has morphed into:

  • Introduce to businesses and members of the chamber;
  • Digital opportunities;
  • Raising awareness of technologies, services; and
  • Strategies to keep the member and their business healthy.
Workshops currently Scheduled
June 11th 07:00 till 10:00 | Can your business afford the Data breach notification Fines?
22 Chamber member business are affected directly by this legislation.
Those affected are:
Accountants (HDCC 4),
Bookkeepers (HDCC 3),
Financial Planners (HDCC 4),
Health and Wellbeing (HDCC 7),
Solicitors (HDCC 4).
(NOTE: there is only 1 large private school affected; however, the school chaplaincy service may be at issue).
Fines could cost:  Personal $400,000 fine, or $2.1million for larger business.

August Date: TBA. 07:00 to 10:00 | Leonard Whittaker: Stop Selling and Make more Sales.
A practical, hands on workshop to implement strategies to increase sales by Changing the paradigm from one of Selling to Helping the Customer buy.

October Date TBA 07:00 to 12:00 | Department of Science IT and Innovation Digital Strategy Workshop program.


Meet the Candidates Committee

Chairperson | Brian Battersby

Formation for a Chamber "Meet the Candidates" Event
This is early information to advise Chamber Members that I am in the process of forming up a 2018 committee to manage and guide another Meet the Candidates Forum, this time for an upcoming Federal Election.  We may just focus on the two closest Federal seats, being Dickson and Ryan.
As no Election Date is known yet, we will be preparing towards this event and aim to be prepared, for when the Prime Minister does finally announce a date. As you all may be aware the Federal Members have been active of late with many popular announcements, so you can feel something like an election is nearing. 
Our last Meet the Candidates forum was very successful with around 120 attending a very friendly community-based forum at the Arana Leagues Club. All known candidates were invited who were standing for our two Queensland Government seats being, Everton and Ferny Grove. Also, high profile MC and local resident Ian Skippen did a superb role to Chair this event for our Chamber.  Brian

Image courtesy of Vicki Yen Photo

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