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Welcome to the Hills & District Chamber of Commerce - a friendly and supportive business group bridging the Ferny Hills, Arana Hills, Ferny Grove, Keperra, Mitchelton and surrounding districts. Established in1992, our Chamber is not-for-profit and is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.
If you are involved in a business or community group and live or work in the Hills Districts, why not register for the next meeting - new members and visitors are always welcome.

Members Excellence Awards 2018

Winners will be announced at the Chamber Christmas Party on 11 December. The awards are to reward our members who have shown Excellence in a field of endeavour or service to the community or the Chamber.  To refresh your memory the awards are:

Leap of Faith – a person or business enterprise which against odds had a go at a new endeavour.  It could have been taking a new direction or expanding their business.  They tried – Took a Leap of Faith that it would work.

Hidden Treasure – a person who may not always been in the spotlight but their contribution and support is always above and beyond and our chamber benefits.

Customer Service Award – an individual or organisation which exceeds all expectations to make the customer experience memorable.

Contribution to the Community Award - An individual who has made a significant contribution to our chamber &/or the Hills & District community.

Entrepreneur of the Year - an individual who has demonstrated excellence in enterprise.  They inspire others with their entrepreneurial mindset, creative approach, willingness to take risks and face their challenges with enthusiasm.
You all know we have so many wonderful members at our chamber, lets recognise their value with an award.

Christmas Party 2018

It’s booked and will take place on Tuesday 11 December, 5.30pm for 6.00pm at the Arana Leagues Club, outdoor area overlooking the oval. Your planning committee have organised a fun evening of activities and celebration. There are 5 Christmas Hampers to win.
Ticket prices are $35 per person, early bird or $60 per couple. Book online and make reference if you have a dietary preference. Ticket prices include a drink on arrival, finger food throughout the evening and there will be a cash till for additional drinks.
Do come along and celebrate another successful year at the chamber with your friends and colleagues.


Ron Crump

Hello everyone
The year rolls on at a rate of knots and at its recent meeting the Executive considered the challenges of keeping this growing Chamber energised and relevant. Where we are now at is a situation that requires some structured thinking and planning for the future. Our Commerce in Schools Committee is on to this need and the members are working to plan for more relevant and effective outcomes for the young in our community.

The term strategic planning gets bandied about and I am sure that there are as many definitions of these words as there are words in the dictionary. In our context it means answering questions like:
  • What do we need to do better
  • How do we continue to be relevant and provide value
  • How do we strengthen our foundations to ensure that we have the right people doing the right things at the right times both now and into the future
These sorts of things take time and require effort.

Consequently we are looking to take advantage of the many grants that are available for innovation, commerce and not for profits.

We have within the skills to apply for the grants however we need to know that if we do this we will be applying any assistance in good faith and for good community outcomes.

So in the first instance we need to get our big picture planning in place and documented. We are looking for members who have the desire and skill to assist with this planning, documentation and grants applications.

Give me a call if you have some thoughts on these matters as we are keen to get things going haven spoken about these matters for some time now.

In the mean time continue to enjoy your membership of this great group of people who really do care about the district and the people who run their businesses in it.  Ron 
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Vice President

Jessica Ricketts

Recently I was interviewed by the Unversity of South Cross - who were interviewing Moreton Bay locals about their new Caboolture campus. 
A question I got asked in my interview was: "What do I hope for when my daughter graduates from high school?" - My daughter is 2 years old, so education, when she comes to graduate I imagine, will be completely different from today.  

Here is how I responded - "I hope my daughter has the opportunity to explore different industries and different types of jobs before deciding on whether she moves onto a degree. After I graduated from school I chose a Bachelor of Science - because I liked geography. This was the only reason why I chose this degree and it couldn't be further from what I'm doing today. 

I realised pretty quickly this degree wasn't for me and left, but what if I had the opportunity to learn what I did and didn't like - BEFORE enrolling in this degree? Perhaps, I would have found my path to marketing and advertising sooner? For this reason, I hope my daughter has opportunities to receive hands-on experiences before moving onto the next stage of her education. 

What do you think the future holds for our children?
Let me know your thoughts in our Facebook Group.  


Leonard Whittaker

Our October breakfast attracted 57 Registrations with 13 Guests. Unfortunately, 5 of those registered were unable to make it on the day.  We had 1 new member recognised.

Membership for the 2018/2019 now stands at 159 with 51 new members this year. New Members since the September meeting were:
  • Darren Paterson, Leadar Fire & Electrical
Table Member introductions were energetic and noisy as usual. The Business card draws were won by:
  • Francis Cahill, Polish Your Pitch (Free Breakfast)
  • Christmas Cakes were won by Anita Bird and Vicki Yen
Updates were received from the Committee Chairs or their nominees:
  • Advocacy Committee - Chris Hansen
  • Awards Committee - Gary Somerville
  • Big Breakfast Committee - Trent Cornford
  • Commerce in Schools - Eva Porter
  • Development Committee - Leonard Whittaker
  • PR Committee activities - Vicki Yen
  • Women in Business - Leonard Whittaker
  • Young Entrepreneur Committee - Eva Porter
Jonathon Edwards talked about the Calendar offer and the Treasurer's report was presented.

Our member Speaker, Ingrid Moyle gave an awesome presentation on the High Five concept. The table topic followed with an encouragement to identify 2 people to High Five in the coming weeks
Visitors were invited to introduce themselves. Time was allocated for several shout outs.

The meeting closed a little after 8:34am

If you are bringing guests please advise their details so that we can welcome them appropriately. Please email Leonard Whittaker at

If you would like to view the minutes for any of our past meetings or Chamber other records contact Leonard Whittaker at  Leonard


Stuart Jaeschke

Financial report for the month ended 31 October 2018.

Account Oct 2018 YTD
Trading Income
Interest Income 16.70 72.96
Memberships 320.00 2,060.00
Monthly Breakfasts 1,597.50 10,050.00
Total Trading Income 1,934.20 12,182.96
Gross Profit 1,934.20 12,182.96
Other Income
Big Breakfast Income 505.00 19,687.01
Christmas / Awards Function 770.00 840.00
Other Events 70.00 615.00
Women in Business Income 0.00 58.00
Cashback Income 25.00 25.00
Miscellaneous Income 14,664.71 19,664.71
Total Other Income 16,034.71 40,889.72
Operating Expenses
Administration Assistance 300.00 1,800.00
Big Breakfast Expenses 0.00 7,575.00
Breakfast Expenses 829.40 5,534.65
CCIQ Fees 0.00 275.00
Executive Expenses 0.00 73.89
Insurance 0.00 1,995.00
Majestri Fees 93.47 1,040.95
Other Events Expenses 0.00 214.50
Scholarships 500.00 1,157.50
Subscriptions 10.00 50.00
Women in Business Expenses 0.00 50.00
Equipment Expense 376.70 376.70
Total Operating Expenses 2,109.57 20,143.19
Net Profit 15,859.34

Young Entrepreneur's Committee

Executive Member | Jessica Ricketts

A few weeks ago the Young Entrepreneur Committee met for the first time. It was a small and intimate group, however, the support and information we transferred gave us a renewed energy to push through our challenges.

Our first project was to support each other with our Morten Bay Business Awards applications by setting goals and providing feedback on each other's applications. 
Thanks to each other's support, we have all submitted at least one application in these awards and look forward to providing you with an update on our progress soon. A special thank you to Vicki Yen too for proofreading them for us, your feedback was invaluable. 
If are under 35 and want to join us please contact me -

If you are "young at heart" and would like to contribute, by sharing your experiences, services or expertise with us - we'd love to welcome you to a meeting as our special guest.
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