October 2016

GCCA+ News Flash

GGCA+ Global Learning Event, 12-14 September 2016

GLE 2016 … a compact platform for knowledge-sharing

Brussels – The 2016 Global Learning Event, entitled ‘Innovative and effective approaches to climate change adaptation and other post-COP21 agreement priorities’ was organised by the European Commission’s DG DEVCO through its flagship initiative, the Global Climate Change Alliance+.

Bringing together some 150 delegates representing over 30 countries, the GLE demonstrated the GCCA’s commitment to placing climate change dialogue at the centre of its mandate and activities.

“But why here, why GLE, why this topic?” asked Felice Zaccheo, Acting Head of Unit, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change at DG DEVCO, in his introduction.

GLE provided a compact platform bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and domains to share past and current best practice – policy, technical, social, economic, practical etc. – in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The knowledge-sharing format, including working groups and networking opportunities, offered ample opportunities to present the latest strategies, and thought-provoking discussions proved successful in extracting key findings for delegates to implement as part of their COP21 commitments, and for GCCA+ to develop in its future programming.

The event focused on the following themes:
Linking (I)NDCs to national development strategies and other climate plans
How the social benefits of climate change policies and interventions could be increased
Linking gender, poverty and climate change mainstreaming – challenges and opportunities
Risk management solutions and tools  as a response to the adverse effects of climate change

A summary of the key findings and recommendations is already available on the GCCA+ website.

All GLE learning material, including animations, concept notes and Q&As with diverse voices present at the GLE, can be found on the dedicated GLE web-page.

A GLE video will be available soon.


The GCCA+ team

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