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Notes From The Field 

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"My point is that to give up hope is not just to deny the possibilities of the future. It is also to deny the lessons of the past. The world can change. And does change. And what seemed almost impossible looking forward can seem almost inevitable looking back."

Eric Young, The Magic Canoe: Toronto City Alliance Summit.

Dear Friend of Farms Not Factories, 

We are at a crossroads in Wisconsin. Our water, air and quality of life is threatened by industrial agriculture and its factory farming. You only have to look at Kewaunee County and their polluted wells; the DNR's incorporation of Attorney General Brad Schimel’s opinion on the cumulative impacts of high capacity wells; Midwest Environmental Advocates Petition for Corrective Action; or the Legislative Audit Bureau's report on the DNR's wastewater permitting and enforcement to see that the CAFO way of doing business is causing harm across this state. But there are leaders and heroes among us who are standing up and demanding accountability from an industry that operates with seeming impunity in our rural communities and they will be in Green Bay on September 10th and 11th! 

We are in the midst of a classic David and Goliath battle. The CAFO industry is entrenched in our statehouses; where they have an undue amount of influence in the legislative, regulatory and legal arenas but Wisconsin citizens are standing up and fighting back. Factory farming is NOT about feeding the world; it's about feeding the bottom line of industrial agriculture and it's time to demand accountability from CAFO owners, our elected officials and our regulatory agencies.

An informed and passionate citizenry has the power to change what no longer serves us but we must stand together; unified in our message that we will exercise our collective power to protect our rights to clean water, clean air and a good quality of life. The Factory Farm Summit in Green Bay on September 10th and 11th is a chance to network and learn from community leaders, impacted citizens and leading experts from around the country. We are not 'radicals', 'tree-huggers' or 'environmental activists'. We are people who are protecting our homes, our water, and quality of life from an industry with a horrid track record of polluting and poisoning rural communities. The Factory Farm Summit is a good place to find allies, learn the ropes and develop strategies to keep your community safe from the harm caused by factory farming.  

I hope to see you in Green Bay in September! 

Factory Farm Summit September 10th and 11th

On September 10 -11th 2016, the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project, Midwest Environmental AdvocatesKewaunee CARES and Farms Not Factories will be hosting farmers and rural residents from across the country who are on the front-lines of factory farm expansion for the 2016 Factory Farm Summit: Demanding Accountability in Animal Agriculture.

Throughout rural America factory farms are expanding at an unprecedented rate. As a direct result, the air in rural communities is increasingly polluted, local waterways and wells are fouled, and farmers and rural citizens are finding themselves in a position of fighting for their homes, their businesses, and rural quality of lives. 

This fall, citizens from across the country who are on the frontlines of factory farm expansion are invited to Green Bay, Wisconsin for the 2016 Factory Farm Summit: Demanding Accountability in Animal Agriculture. This day and a half long conference will be bring together leading experts on factory farming issues to work directly with those citizens most impacted. The Factory Farm Summit is an opportunity to network, workshop and learn new ways to stop the expansion of factory farms and hold bad-actor factory farms accountable for their pollution.

Who should attend this event? The 2016 Factory Farm Summit is geared toward providing tools for:
  • Farmers and rural residents threatened by a proposed factory farm in their community;
  • Farmers and rural residents living with an existing operation that is causing problems for the local community.   
For more information on the weekend events, the conference schedule and/or to purchase tickets, please visit:
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