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February 2016


MPS installs B737-NG simulator at Ryanair

MPS installed a B737 FTD1 Fixed Base Simulator at Ryanair’s premises in Dublin. “This was the first of three installations for Ryanair. The other two will be installed in the coming months” says Jarno Rotte, MPS’ installation manager. “We're quite proud we were able to finalize everything in time. It took the team one week to finish installation and complete the handover to Ryanair in Dublin." MPS closely cooperated with Ryanair to tailor a suite of training software to Ryanair's needs. The simulator will be initially used by Ryanair for selection. After local certification by the UK CAA the simulator will be used for EASA approved training. 

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Expansion of the MPS facilities

In January MPS opened a new office building at their production facilities in the Netherlands. Construction started 6 months ago. The new office will be used by MPS technical staff and software team. It is the next step in a planned expansion of MPS’ facilities in the Netherlands from 15,000 to 30,000 square feet. Also in Germany MPS will further expand its facilities this year to increase production capacity of electronic systems at MPS Electronics GmbH.


New feature in MPS FTD's

Starting this year all FTD simulators can have ipad holders on the FO and captain side. The holders come with a USB charger.  It is very convenient to control the Instructor Operator Station (IOS) through the wireless interface. This way the IOS can be controlled remotely. Alternatively the iPad can be used for maps, charts or OPT software from third parties.

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