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October 2016

 Shipment to Wizz Air

Groenekan, 19 September 2016  another Airbus A320 FTD shipment left the MPS factory in the Netherlands on its way to Wizz Air in Hungary. Our simulators are shipped in two major parts:
The complete cockpit and instructor station in one crate, the collimated visual dome in another. A total load of 6500 KG, two 4 meters wide and 3,5 meter high. For these kind of extra wide shipments you must receive the necessary clearances from the authorities. A smaller crate with installation tools and ancillary equipment is shipped separately. Proper documentation ensures efficient border crossing all the way up to the destination: Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest. 
In five days after arrival in the training center, operated by FSC, the Airbus A320 simulator has been installed by our installation team and is now ready for Wizz Air’s type rating training.

 PTC Aviation acquires Airbus A320 FTD1 from MPS

Groenekan, 28 September 2016 – PTC Aviation of South Africa signed a contract with MPS for the delivery of an Airbus A320-FTD1 to their training facilities in Port Elizabeth. PTC has been operating a Fixed Base Boeing 737 NG Simulator since 2012 and wants to further expand its training capabilities. MPS expects to deliver and install the Fixed Based Simulator before the end of this year.
Lloyd Lim – MPS Sales Director Asia Pacific

Let us introduce:
Sales Director Asia-Pacific

Lloyd Lim joined MPS as Sales Director for Asia-Pacific. Lloyd has an extensive career in aviation including various commercial functions at Lockheed Martin’s LMCFT, General Electric and Std Aero. Previously Lloyd gained experience in MRO engineering and business management at various companies. Lloyd has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic and concluded his business studies at the Singapore Institute of management.
Lloyd Lim – MPS Sales Director Asia Pacific

Sales Director Great China

Ben Lam joined MPS as Sales Director Great China. Ben has 13 years of commercial experience in the simulator and training industry. Before joining MPS, Ben worked as a sales director for Lockheed Martin’s LMCFT. He also was a regional sales manager for Oxford Aviation Academy and for GE commercial Aviation Training. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic and information engineering from Hong Kong University.

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