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Dear Friends,

Please help Hugo House realize a long-held dream to have a permanent facility of our own! We have been recommended for a grant from Washington State through the Building for the Arts program. This funding is critical. 

However, the State has many funding needs this year, and this grant is far from assured. As a friend to Hugo House, we know you understand that the arts matter.

You can make a big difference by contacting your State legislators to let them know why you think it's important to have public support for a new and permanent home for Hugo House. Below is an example of a note to legislators with a brief statement about why Hugo House matters. Your own words are even more important, but any contact helps.

Please take a minute right now to call or email. Time is short; the budget is in progress. You can find your State legislators and their contact information here.

Many thanks,
Tree Swenson
Executive Director
Dear Representative (or Senator) _______________,

I urge you to support and advocate for full funding of the Building for the Arts Program within the 2017-2019 biennium state capital budget, and particularly funding for the Richard Hugo House project.
Hugo House is nonprofit that serves Washington State’s writers and readers. Last year, Hugo House served more than 12,000 people, provided nearly 3,000 hours of classroom instruction, and awarded almost $20,000 in scholarships.
Now Hugo House needs funding for a new home, necessitated by redevelopment of the property. This funding is needed this year in order to complete Hugo House’s construction obligations, and support from the Building for the Arts is vital.
Funding the Building for the Arts grant program fuels our region’s cultural vitality and improves Washington’s quality of life. Hugo House is an organization that is the hub of a vibrant community that is important in helping tell the stories of Washington State. 
I thank you for your consideration.

Hugo House
1021 Columbia Street
Seattle, Washington 98104
(206) 322-7030