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August 31, 2021

Rest Insured

With latest Climeworks deal, carbon removal gets risky — in a good way
Risk management firm Swiss Re made a deal with Climeworks last week to purchase $10M worth of direct air capture over ten years. With groups like Stripe and Shopify now spending millions per year on carbon removal, the biggest news here is less the strict dollar value than what the deal suggests about how businesses might manage climate risk in the future. As one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, Swiss Re’s interest in carbon removal signals deeper concern from the insurance industry about the mounting costs of climate change. Under this new paradigm, insurance premiums could become a powerful tool for encouraging companies to adopt climate-friendly practices and further accelerate the development of carbon removal solutions.

Learning Environment

Become a certified student of carbon removal
Thanks to a small team at ClimateScience, an online charity, kids and adults can complete an online course on the science of carbon removal, with illustrations and quizzes along the way. Did we mention it's free? 👏
AirMiners & Tim Flannery: Removing 10 Gt of CO₂ 💫
SEP 1, 2021, 8PM ET
Join AirMiners' keynote event to hear from world-renowned environmentalist Tim Flannery about using kelp and ocean solutions to reach 10 gigatons of carbon removal.

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Xpertise for winning the XPRIZE
Thinking of applying to the $100M Carbon Removal XPRIZE? Two new programs are on the scene to help.

🌊 Ocean Visions Launchpad: ocean-based solutions welcome
🐎 Avatar Carbon Removal Accelerator: access to industry partners, testing facilities, and more
A policy agenda for dealing in tons (and tons) of carbon
Within a few decades, the US must transition to actively managing its carbon emissions, past and present. A new Electricity Journal article pinpoints robust and holistic policies for bringing carbon removal tech and infrastructure online.

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