October 19, 2016
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in•ter•sec•tor |in,tersektor|
1. a space where government, business, and non-profit sectors share expertise, resources, and authority to address problems that cannot be solved by one sector alone



Discover the latest insights into cross-sector collaboration in a new section of our website


Since launching our website, our work has expanded to build on our research philosophy — Our approach is to produce resources that address key research questions and practitioner needs in the field, as well as to draw attention to the increasing amount of scholarly and applied research work from others on this topic.

We want our network of practitioners and scholars to be able to easily find and use these insights, so we’re happy to direct you to our new Research section, which includes our Research to Practice series, monthly Research Briefing, Researcher Insights guest blog posts, and original research reportsRead more.


Defining partnerships, recognizing gaps, and wrestling with specificity
What we learned from building our Resource Library



Earlier this month, we released our Resource Library — a new section of our website where practitioners, academics, and anyone exploring the field of cross-sector collaboration can search and filter through hundreds of quality resources (from The Intersector Project and other organizations and individuals) to discover findings, thoughtful commentary, examples, and tools to improve their cross-sector collaboration thinking and practice. Our team carefully deliberated about how to select resources for the Library and organize them so the Library could be helpful to a wide range of users. Doing this work brought to light several challengesRead more.

What We're Reading and Following This Week


Networked Impact: This is not your grandfather's coalition
This SSIR piece comes from the Executive Director of 100Kin10, a network of academic institutions, non-profits, foundations, companies, and government agencies working to recruit and train quality STEM teachers across the country. "We believe the networked impact approach, which breaks the mold for how organizations collaborate and make change, can be applied to other large, systemic challenges," she writes. "To do that, though, it has to be better understood. To that end, we offer here an overview on how it works."

Spokane Urban Lab will test "smart city" technology
This Next City piece discusses a new public-private-university partnership that aims to answer "some of the thornier questions around smart cities collaborations." For example, "When a privately owned utility installs air quality sensors on their streetlights on city sidewalks, who owns the data? Who governs the partnership?"


Baltimore anchor institutions work together on blight
This article also comes from Next City, focusing on collaboration among several Baltimore institutions in the Homewood Community Partners Initiative, a collaborative approach spearheaded by Johns Hopkins that focuses on "improving safety, removing blight, improving schools, developing commercial and retail space, and creating jobs in 10 nearby neighborhoods and one commercial strip"


If billionaires fund your research, don't take public money
In this opinion piece in Wired, Jim Kozubek takes an interesting look at the changing funding model for scientific research. "Despite even the best intentions," he writes, "the injection of private money into science is creating power alliances and disrupting the longstanding public research-funding model."

Want to keep up with the newest insights and commentary on cross-sector collaboration? Check out the Friday Weekly Briefing on our blog.

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From Our Resource Library
Talking the Walk: A Communication Manual for Partnership Practitioners

From The Partnering Initiative: “Talking the Walk is a toolbook for partnership practitioners from all sectors, to enable them to understand the importance of good communication to their work, and to help them develop techniques to improve their communications — both inside, and beyond, the partnership." Read more.


Upcoming Events


We'll be at the Northeastern Conference on Public Administration on the panel "It Takes a Village: Collaborating as a Community." We'll be discussing our paper "Public-private Partnerships, Cross-sector Governance, and Public Awareness." Learn more.

Resources for Practitioners

Created for practitioners from every sector, our Toolkit simply and clearly articulates the essential ingredients of collaboration — an ideal resource for partners to establish a shared understanding of their process and a common language for their work.
One of the leading libraries on cross-sector collaborations in the United States, our case studies were created specifically for a practitioner audience. They are brief and focus on illuminating the key contributions and collaborative tactics of partners from successful intersector collaborations across the United States in a variety of issue areas.

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