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                                  April 1, 2016

I really wanted to run an April Fools joke in this newsletter, but as I pondered what to do I began thinking about non-manufactured imperfections. Sometimes imperfection is more perfect than perfection.  It is the human, analog element injected into our perfect digital world that rings of authenticity.  I am in debt to beta readers, editors, graphic deign artists, and formatting experts that lift my books to a new level, but I am also grateful for the little errors of the final product that still says an imperfect human did this.  To use the voice of one of my characters in my book Kitab Kabbani:  "Being human is analog, not digital. Qualitative, not quantitative. We are made up of matter and atoms, not ones and zeros. It’s the little blemishes that remind us that we are not alone in our imperfections. Life is like a dimmer switch, not an on/off switch. The essence of life, that is, what we learn, experience, accumulate, and carry with us may be knowledge, but ‘zero and one’ data is not synonymous with life. To be alive, we not only hold information, but we have to process and use it in all its variances and varieties. It is the practice, not the passive storage that constitutes life."

A quick look at the Past, Present, and what's Coming Soon  

To quote a recent study, Adult Coloring Books Invite Creativity And Bring Comfort, Study Finds.  Trix and coloring books are for kids, right?  Not so this study suggests.  The American Art Therapy Association states that coloring can be deeply meaningful, reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates creativity, and relaxes the mind and body.  I am working with several artists to put together the first Meaning Marketplace Coloring Book.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, let me know. 
Booklet 6: Meaning Making, in the running series of 16 on the subject of meaning was published late last month.   You can buy your copy for $0.99 here.

I plan to come out with a booklet each month (Booklet 7: Traditional Media and Making Meaning is almost complete), so stay tuned!  I am also in the process of hiring an ebook design and format professional to improve your reading experience.  
Production is nearly complete of two new book trailers and an author introduction.    I will announce via this newsletter and my Facebook site when they are on my YouTube Channel.  

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