Newsletter for June 2016
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  Local Ministries  

Madison, AL

Male volunteers     M,Tu,W,Th from 11-2 for a variety of tasks
Thursday – reception/appointment 8:45-12:30
M-F Facilities help (cleaning, trash, lighting, supply coordinator)
M-F Special Project Coordinator with website upkeep

SUMMER HELP NEEDED M-F for subbing 8:45-12:30



-willingness and ability to invest in the lives of others
-sharing the gospel, hope and encouragement
-answering the phone, take messages or make Client referrals
-organization and maintenance of the office or food pantry
-greeting and receiving guests
-preparing documents and information booklets for sharing
-labeling documents and promotional items
-special events participation and/or leadership
-serving food or packing food for donation
-accepting donations and providing receipts
-data entry or making copies
-sit in on or conduct client interviews as needed
-any other outreach activity of this ministry as requested
-encourage others to partner in service to our community
-community build projects
-attend training and be aware of office and ministry procedures
-commitment to maintain the integrity and respect for others
-acknowledging confidentiality of information, names and circumstances.
-Commit to being a helper in our community by selecting a day of the week or month to serve.
-maintain the cleanliness of our facility by taking out the trash and other duties

Serving the City as One
Madison Area Day of Service
Coming June 25, 2016

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Click here for more info on FCA Summer Camps.
Jeff Cole:
During his time here, Jeff has been investing in the life of future leaders.  He told me the last time we spoke that his philosophy of leadership is multiplication.  Up until recently, Jeff said many would have identified him as the leader of YoungLife here in Huntsville.  He said that this was not at all the way leadership should be.  He has been training leaders like crazy and is getting to the point where people are identifying their local leaders as the leaders and Jeff as just one of the group.  Success!  Please continue praying for Jeff as the Holy Spirit uses him to raise up leaders that want to see the lives of students changed for the gospel.  Also, pray that we might be able to get a campus here in Madison!


Old Fashioned Prayer Walk for Life:
Aug 6th, 2016
9-11 AM
220 Rands Ave
Huntsville, AL 35801

Tuesday morning’s (8:15-9:30) Harvest Worship Service provides fellowship and encouragement to the people of Lincoln Village, their children, grandchildren and sometimes great-grandchildren as well as their friends and neighbors while sending them home with a sack of fresh vegetables.  Every week, they continue to gather at the Village Church – singing old hymns and worshiping together.

These services are open to the public and we invite you to join us this week – and every week – to experience this truly unique service.

This spring YBL held 3 events.  Over 400 men were influenced by this ministry.

Pray for Bob as he continues to disciple men and gain influence among the professionals in Huntsville and Madison.  Pray that the Lord would continue to grant him favor.

  Ministry Partners Local and Abroad  

Spokane, WA

From Kyle:
Things are going well out here — we are adding new members at a good pace — 20 last month and about the same this month.  We just had our first summer gathering on memorial day which I thought could be a flop as our city evacuates on holiday weekends but we had over 60 for a low country boil.  The summer is full of events to foster a deepening community and outreach opportunity including monthly outdoor movie nights, a ‘deep south bbq and bluegrass party, church campout, and a concert.  

We recently had two baptisms and have at least one more in the next couple of weeks.  In addition to those joining through conversion we also have 3 new babies on the way!  
Walter Wood:

Pray for the church plants going on in Southern and Western Europe.  Pray for the leaders and the people coming to Christ.

Pray for Walter.  He has tried to come see us a couple of times this spring and has been prevented both times.  There is a lot going on in the life of his family.  Pray for the peace of Christ to fill him and sustain him.

Jim Hatch:
There are no new updates right now for Jim, but from his last update, please continue to pray for my own personal witness in St. Louis to Bob, Eddie and Alem.
Chris Baker:
Things are going well.

Prayer concerns: I am only at 60 percent funding.

The church is growing which is great!
L&GF, Restricted Country:

As they are about to embark in serving in a restricted country, they ask us to pray:

1.  For the last part of their support to come in.  They are at 95%!

2.  Pray for their host church and the difficulties they are facing right now.

3.  They have a lot of pre-field preparation to do before they leave, pray for strength and grace to finish it before departure.  

For more specific information, please contact a member of the Mission's Committee.   
Jes Wendland:

Hey everyone! 

I can’t believe how quickly this spring season is flying by! As I trained all early spring to run the Belfast Marathon the first weekend in May, I found myself trying not to put life on hold till May! But amazingly life continued as normal after the marathon! But with only a couple of weeks left till Serge’s summer program in Dublin starts! 

Encounter (the name of the program), is geared to American and Irish college students. The first two weeks of the summer with the interns will involve Bible study and training. The following weeks will be “outreach” trips, where we go out into Ireland, coming alongside different church’s and ministries helping for a week doing kids clubs or whatever else they may have for us to do. This all start at the beginning of June and goes till the end of July. 

With now less than month left in Ballymena before I head South for the summer I have found something Marty told me before I ever got here to have come true. That if I am open and vulnerable with the people at Ballykeel, I’ll be a more effective witness as I’m able to really become a part of people’s lives. I think I actually asked prayer over the winter months for this, so looking back over this spring and being able to see how God is answering that prayer is really special! 

Like being introduced in public as someone’s youngest daughter! By a couple I would definitely call my adopted parents. Or another couple whom I’ve spent quite a bit of time with since Christmas, being able to see God at work in their lives. They actually came down to Belfast to watch me run my marathon. They waited four hours at the finish line for me!!! Or even just learning what the gospel means when I’ve unknowingly hurt someone’s feeling and they confront me on it. Or being asked by the guys in Belfast that I work with once a week when I was moving down there to be a part of ministry full time! Or organizing a Saturday morning breakfast in Belfast at 9 in the morning and people actually coming!  


The plan was that I would return to Ballymena/Belfast in August after the summer in Dublin. But due to visa complications, I will not be returning to the North in August. I will instead be staying in Dublin. As this was a sudden change of plans, my team leader is still trying to find a ministry placement for me. I covet your prayers during this time! For a ministry placement and housing. But also ending my time in Ballymena/Belfast. Side effects to being open and vulnerable with people, is it hurts that much more when you have to say “good-bye”. 


I would also ask prayer for this summer. I do not have a natural heart for college kids. But I knew joining Serge in Ireland that this summer program was a big part of their ministry. But somehow I just hadn’t connected things and yeah… it’s suddenly hit me that I volunteered to work with college kids for 2 months! Clearly God blinded me to that little fact. My prayer is that I would enter this season with posture of humility, they (the students) have things to teach me. Also please pray with me for these students as they’ve given up a summer to work or further their education to come be a part of what God is doing in Ireland. 


Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. I hope this letter finds you all well, and please if there’s anything I can being praying for you, let me know. 


With love, 
Jes Wendland


Reid Jones

We hope your summers are starting out well, and wanted to let you know that we are continually grateful for your hands-on ministry with us - especially over this last year at UAH. It’s been a huge blessing!

As we begin our Summer RUF schedule, I wanted to touch base with you about a couple of needs, and also give a preview of some needs ahead for this fall:

INTERN HOUSING: Our current intern, Jennifer, is looking for a roommate and possibly a place to rent. So, if you know of a young woman (mid-20s) perhaps moving to Huntsville for a job this summer/fall, please let me know. If you have an available rental home in the area, I’d love to talk to you. [Our intern JD will be hopefully moving in August and I may ask similar questions for him down the road.]

POOL PARTIES: Do you love college students? Do you have a pool? These two passions can be brought together in one memorable evening if you’re interested! We would like to hold several pool parties this summer with in-town students, and are looking for a couple of more locations to schedule those parties. (We’re not looking for food necessarily, or to use the inside of your home. Just looking for a good pool!)

FALL NEEDS: 1) If you’re a planner, we wanted to let you know that we’ll continue weekly snacks at Large Group starting in late August. We’d like to put churches/individuals on a rotation where possible. 2) Also, we’re looking for a church (or churches) to perhaps co-host a HUGE cookout on campus toward the beginning of the school year. If your church would be interested in helping us with that, let’s connect. 3) Lastly, we always handout homemade ice-cream to students the first two days of classes. It’s amazing how many students get connected to RUF literally through getting a bowl of ice-cream the first week of school! We make some of the ice-cream during the event, but would love to have a few freezers of homemade ice-cream contributed as well if possible.

Ok thank you all once again! We love serving WITH YOU at UAH!

Pray that God would continue to raise up African American Pastor's in the PCA and the man that God is molding for this position.

Brad Tubbesing 


Thanks for asking! We're doing well. Tired at the end of a busy semester but can't complain!

The biggest thing Valley can be praying for is that we'll head to RUF Summer Conference next week! We'll have over 30 people coming from IU (including staff & my family). Pray for one student in particular who isn't a Christian but decided to come as he wants to learn more about Christianity. 

You can also pray for our weekly Summer RUF time (bible study, singing, etc) which will start a couple weeks after Summer Conference. 

Thanks for checking in James - tell everyone at Valley hi from us!

Matt Patrick:
Continue to pray for Matt and Ivy, Ivy in her hospital position and Matt during his internship and ministry.  

Daniel Boatman:
Daniel has begun classes at Whitefield.  Pray for him as he adjusts to the added load in balancing family life and work and seminary.
An Entire Family Delivered:
About a year ago, another young man came to the youth Bible study. He was involved in drugs and alcohol and was on the verge of committing suicide, as he had no reason for hope and there was no peace in his home, to say the least: His father was a complete alcoholic, wasting any money he earned on drinks, and his mother was demon possessed. To make matter worse, his two brothers were ill as well.

But as this young man started to attend the prayer meetings, he began to understand God’s love and started praying for his family. Soon the Lord started answering his prayers and the prayers of those around him. For instance, one day, his mother came to our office and stated that she was on her way to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of an oncoming train, which is one of the main ways people commit suicides in India. Sensing her desperation, our office staff prayed for her, and she immediately felt deliverance, which soon spread throughout the family. One by one, everyone in his family was delivered, to the amazement of the whole community.

On the trip, I met with this man’s whole family and, as they told me how the Lord was at work in their lives, I was brought to tears. Then I led them through Psalm 23 and eventually asked them whether they were ready to accept the Lord as the shepherd of their lives; their answer was a resounding, “Yes!” Seeing them, I was reminded of the blind Bartimaeus who followed Christ, which is what I preached at Redeemer before I left for India. I got to see that in action. Immediately after we prayed, the man of the house said they wanted to remove and discard all of the idols that were passed down to them from their forefathers. They filled 3 sacks with the idols, and afterward, we had the wonderful privilege of praying over them and declaring that their home now belongs to Jesus.

The Needs of the Mission Field:
I am so thankful for your prayers and financial support as we meet the Gospel demands of India. He is powerfully at work! We need to urgently deploy equipped Church planters to meet the demands from the field.
We have enrolled 30 students from various regions to the Discipleship Center this year. If the Lord prompts your heart to support a Church planter in training, there are 3 ways you could support a church planter in training. Please ask God how you may partner in helping us equip a Church planter who would influence lives for eternity.

Building Update: 
We are still waiting on the building permit. The Hindu fundamentalist government agencies originally questioned us on the building’s purpose, but we were able to give them a satisfactory response, so it is only a matter of time before we get the permit in hand. But please pray that all the hindrances are removed. I will keep you posted. Please pray for the remaining $3,000 to be raised to fully fund the project.

Please continue to pray for the indigenous leaders on the field, our family, my meetings these days and the upcoming travels.

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