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eNewsletter: March 2017
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Hello from Inca Pearce

Congratulations – what a win! If you haven’t heard, South Australian vineyard owners are being celebrated on a national stage for their biosecurity efforts over the past 117 years.
Vinehealth Australia was nominated for a 2017 Australian Biosecurity Industry Award, presented by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and I was thrilled to accept the award on your behalf in Canberra last week.
Why is it your award? Well, it’s a celebration of the commitment and vision of growers in South Australia to establish the Phylloxera Act under which we operate. And it demonstrates your continued commitment to supporting it 117 years later. See below for more info about the award.
You should have received a couple of eye-catching posters in the mail recently. These biosecurity posters are part of our focus on raising awareness of farm-gate hygiene. Put them up in your office, shed or lunchroom, start conversations about biosecurity and make sure you can tick off the 10 hygiene practices on your property.
As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback.
Inca Pearce
CEO Vinehealth Australia

P.S. In response to a recent question: Rootstocks used commercially in Australia are considered to vary in their resistance or tolerance to different phylloxera strains.
phylloxera tolerant rootstocks are those on which phylloxera can feed, reproduce and cause root galling (nodosities). Phylloxera resistant rootstocks are those on which phylloxera cannot develop to the adult stage so there is no egg production and no gall production.

Win for SA grapegrowers

SA vineyard owners have been recognised on a national stage for their commitment to wine industry biosecurity. Vinehealth Australia received a 2017 Australian Biosecurity Industry Award in Canberra last week. Pictured at the awards are Lynn O’Connell, Deputy Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Roseanne Healy, Chair of VHA, Inca Pearce, CEO of VHA and the Hon. Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

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Stop the spread

Vintage is moving along and it's a high-risk time for the spread of pests and diseases, including phylloxera (pictured courtesy of Agriculture Victoria Rutherglen). Vinehealth continues to work with PIRSA (Biosecurity SA) to ensure those businesses accredited to move grapes and grape products into SA are complying with the strict conditions of their accreditation.

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Sharpening the biosecurity focus  

Vinehealth Australia is working with haste to be strategic, proactive and innovative in the way we operate to maintain the defence of SA's $1.78 billion wine industry against our rapidly evolving biosecurity landscape. 
“Maintaining our phylloxera-free status and secure production is a major priority," says Vinehealth Australia CEO Inca Pearce. 

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Wine tourism campaign

Vinehealth Australia is creating a series of brochures for tourists, tour operators and tour hosts, to assist with biosecurity awareness and good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. We are producing fact sheets for tour operators and tour hosts, and we will be working with members of the regional, state and industry media on articles related to this topic.

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National review to improve biosecurity

A major review is underway to ensure the national agreement on biosecurity management between states and territories in Australia is effective well into the future. The Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity (IGAB) is an agreement to strengthen the national biosecurity system. It outlines the priority areas for collaboration to minimise the impact of pests and diseases on Australia’s economy, environment and community.

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Regional rootstock trial
yielding results

A long-term project is underway in Coonawarra to broaden our understanding of rootstock performance in that region. This month a ‘walk through the vineyard’ will be held on 22 March for growers and winemakers in the Limestone Coast to discuss results of the trial to date and to taste grapes from the different rootstock/scion combinations pre-vintage.

Make your record count

Vinehealth Australia is required under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act (1995) to maintain a complete and accurate register of grapegrowers in South Australia. All vineyard owners with 0.5 hectares or more are required by law to register with Vinehealth Australia and to ensure that their contact and planting details remain current. Read on to find out how you can udpate your records.

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Sharing knowledge to drive innovation  

Vinehealth Australia spent time with a group of 10 horticulture growers from Queensland recently, and Technical Manager Suzanne McLoughlin spoke about the importance of biosecurity to the wine industry and project Boundary Rider. “This has reinforced for me the need to look beyond our own backyards to find solutions," said Suzanne.

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity is a system to reduce the risk of entry, establishment and spread of pests, diseases and weeds that threaten the economy and environment. It’s also a system for managing and recovering from an incursion of a pest and disease by minimising its impact through eradication, containment and ongoing asset protection. Biosecurity is a shared responsibility – we need to work collaboratively.

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