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StumbleUpon shut down a few weeks back.

I'm not going to get all sentimental about it, but there was a long period of BuzzFeed's early history where StumbleUpon was a major way that people discovered the site and was a huge source of referral traffic. 

That was a long time ago! StumbleUpon's shutdown isn't shocking -- if anything, I was surprised to learn the service was still running -- since like RSS feeds and blogs, it existed within a now-outmoded framework that we used to call the "web." (Don't get me started on the day Technorati died.)

But if the cracks that have been showing in Facebook give us a glimpse into the weaknesses of the platform era of the web (and who knows if that's where we are! Maybe the future is just Facebook stomping on a human face, forever!), it's an interesting time to consider that the man most often credited with inventing the web, Tim Berners-Lee, is now working hard to re-decentralize it


Quartz sold to a Japanese company, Uzabase, for between $75m and $110m (depending on how the site performs financially in 2018). Uzabase may not be well known outside Japan, where its news aggregator app NewsPicks has around 3 million users (including a healthy number of subscribers), but the acquisition signals an appetite to grow its presence abroad. And for Quartz, the move will give them new ways to monetize their offerings through subscriptions. I'm a fan of NewsPicks and excited for Quartz, curious to see where this will lead. (Variety)

The New York Times has 350,000 international digital news subscribers, 15% of their 2.33 million total. (Nieman Lab)

The News Lens, an independent digital news site based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, raised a round of investment to expand internationally. (TechCrunch)

An interesting profile of Alibaba vs. Tencent. (Fortune)

The rise of Tik Tok in Japan. The app, which is a Chinese video and music social platform, came out of nowhere to become one of Japan's most-downloaded apps in a matter of months. It's all part of Bytedance's larger international strategy. (KR Asia)

Netflix just debuted its first series produced in India, "Sacred Games." It's a crime thriller in Hindi, but dubbed into multiple languages and released in 190 countries. (BuzzFeed News)


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Instagram's growth continues: Up from 800 million in September 2017. (via @jdaykin)
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