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A few weeks back, I had the good fortune to attend the 2018 International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. If it's not on your radar, it should be -- the programming was great, the speakers and audience both deeply engaged, and it's set in a gorgeous university town in Umbria that dates back to the Etruscan period.

There were a number of great talks, all of which are available on YouTube if you're curious. Two standouts for me:
1) A session on "bridge roles" in the newsroom.
2) A panel on memes and visual misinformation, which featured a section about the Trump presidency and how it mirrors online fandoms, by An Xiao Mina (and here's a nice write-up of the session). It's one the most insightful things I've heard anyone say about Trump in ages, well worth watching (starts around the 13:10 mark).

And I didn't attend, but heard great things about both the diversity in the newsroom and managing digital change panels as well.

While I have you: Are there conferences/festivals/gatherings that touch on digital media and technology you're a fan of? Starting to compile some lists; hit reply and let me know.


Facebook's user growth in the US and Europe has slowed; the rest of the world is its future. Despite its recent PR and regulatory woes, Facebook remains focused on getting the next billion people onto its platform. As Federic Filloux points out, Facebook is already seeing this in its growth numbers:

As he says: "To put it another way: over the last two years, each time Facebook added one user in North America, it added six users in the Asia Pacific region and four in the so-called Rest-of-the-World (ROW) regions." And with much of the rest of the world still coming online, this change is only going to accelerate. (Monday Note)

The future's also international for Twitter. In its most recent earnings report, the platform noted that most of its growth in monthly active users comes from overseas, and that it expects international revenue to exceed domestic in future quarters. Japan is Twitter's second-biggest market in terms of revenue, contributing 18% of the total. (Digiday)

Vice officially launched in India. Vice India is a joint venture with the Times of India group (which also has partnerships with Business Insider, Gizmodo Media Group, Uber, Airbnb and, until recently, HuffPost), with 40 people split between two offices in Mumbai and New Delhi. (The Drum)

With less than a month until GDPR -- General Data Protection Reguation -- goes into effect in Europe, people are trying to forecast what the impact will be. Facebook's being cagey, saying  that "targeted ads that respect people' privacy are better ads" but also that "there's some potential for impact on advertising revenue." Meanwhile at a recent programmatic ad summit, the feedback was a little bit more...chaotic. "We're a U.S. publisher and thought this wouldn't affect us until about two weeks ago," one unnamed publisher said, "and since then, there's been a massive scramble." (Digiday)

Amazon Prime Video has been focused on growing subscribers in Asia Pacific. In India, that's meant getting both prices and content right, including its successful cricket drama, Inside Edge. In Japan, that means pushing the envelope of variety shows, says Amazon Prime Video head James Farrell: "The audience in Japan wants to see something crazier, variety shows that they are not able to see on television or anywhere else." (Hollywood Reporter)

The German Supreme Court threw out a case by Axel Springer a few weeks ago, ruling that ad blocking software is perfectly legal. Springer had succeeded in a lower German court, and will appeal the decision, continuing its position that ad blockers are unfair competition. (Reuters)


Xiaomi's aluminum carry-on: The Chinese phone manufacturer also makes a wide range of other goods, including this lightweight option that seems clearly designed as an affordable alternative to Rimowa's fancy grooved cases. (, h/t to Alan Soon)


Teleport via Google Maps: This is a delightful (though by no means new; it looks to be from 2010) little web app -- it randomly drops you into different Google Street View panoramas around the world. But it's also immensely satisfying. Set it to auto-teleport every 30 seconds and just sort of zone out as you bounce around the world. (Globe Genie)
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