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Bytedance, the AI-powered Chinese digital company behind apps like Tik Tok and Toutiao/TopBuzz, raised $3 billion in a new round of investment, giving it a valuation of $75 billion and making it one of the most highly valued startups in the world. (New York Times)

On New York Magazine's "2038" podcast, writer An Xiao Mina talks about the future of the two internets -- one in China, one in the rest of the world. (New York Magazine)

Another take on this potential future: The artificial intelligence competition heating up between the US and China is a main front in a potential new AI Cold War. (Wired)

As China continues its crack down on press freedom in Hong Kong, Taipei is increasingly home base for foreign media companies setting up regional hubs in Asia. (Splice Newsroom)

Interesting post-mortem on the recent failure of Civil's token sale, the first attempt to use blockchain technology for journalism. "I don’t believe Civil failed at all," writes digital entrepreneur Phillip Smith on Medium. "In fact, I believe it’s succeeded wildly at something that has been almost entirely overlooked. Civil helped bring 14 newsrooms to life in less than a year, and with less than $6 million of investment." (Medium)

Tech news site Recode is joining Vox and will relaunch as part of next year. (Nieman Lab)


Favorite Travel Products: This Twitter thread is a great read if you're looking to up your travel gear game, lots of good recommendations. My top items: Bose noise cancelling ear buds and snacks. (@hunterwalk)


Dictionary Time Traveler: Choose any year back to 1500 and see what words first appeared in print then. (Merriam-Webster)
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