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I'm in Australia this week, enjoying a break from the Frozen Wilds of New York City. Going to be a big week here, with the results of the postal survey on same-sex marriage coming Wednesday. Always looking for good people to read/follow who write about Australian media, so please send any recommendations!

Also: Added the Reuters Asia-Pacific Digital News Report for 2017 to the on-going list


Vice is opening an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore, plus new offices in Mumbai and Delhi. (The Drum)

Chinese news aggregator app Toutiao bought a music-based social media network for $800-$1bn. The company also reportedly tried to buy Reddit last year. (New York Times)

Here's a good primer on Bytedance, the company behind Toutiao. (TechCrunch)

The deal makes me think of this piece on from last year, which posits something fundamental about global media: There are two internets, the one in China, and the rest of the world; Toutiao seems to be wanting to bridge them. (New York Times)

The Chinese government is asking social media networks to punish any employees who spread "illegal" information on their networks. (Straights Times)

It's been a very rough few weeks for local media in the U.S. A few interesting pieces worth reading:
-- The Death of the Alt-Weekly (Reason)
-- Spirited Media Fights Collapse of Local News (WSJ)
-- The Decimation of Local News in New York City (CJR)

A Netflix for news? Neva Labs, a news startup in Ireland, is building a new service to combat filter bubbles based on...personalization? (

How the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich became the go-to place for massive global data leaks like the Paradise Papers. (New Yorker)

Mobile broadband connections in Africa will reportedly surpass 1 billion by 2022. (Moneyweb)


The Correspondent: The member-funded publisher in the Netherlands is expanding internationally next year. As maybe the best example of a digital news startup that has made the member model work, I'm really excited to see how they do. (@ENCorrespondent)


Advertising growth in Asia: Overall ad spending is predicted to soften in most of the world, but Asia-Pacific looks poised for massive growth. (Axios)
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