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The story of Rappler being shut down by the government in the Philippines continues to be one of the most disturbing international media stories of the last week. Splice Newsroom has updates.

...and more on the worrying trend from BuzzFeed, via reporter Megha Rajagopalanin Beijing: "From Vietnam to Indonesia, press freedom in Southeast Asia is deteriorating, spurred by the rise of authoritarian governments and enabled by the Trump administration's relative indifference to human rights issues," she writes. (BuzzFeed)

Facebook's main liaison in China, who led the company's charm campaign in the country for the last three years, resigned in December. (New York Times)

Only 24% of Britons trust social media as a source of news, according to a new poll. (Guardian)

Many international news organizations struggled with how to translate Trump's apparent use of the word "shithole" a few weeks back. Japan was no different. Reuters Japan bureau chief William Mallard "noted that the most common translation he encountered was 'night-soil pit,' or 'koudame' (肥溜め), a hole long used by Japanese farmers to collect human excrement as fertilizer. Mallard, writing in Japanese, hypothesized this word was used because the word 'shit hole,' directly translated into Japanese, would seem to mean a 'hole for storing shit,' as farmers once did." (Global Voices)


Pew's recent global media habits survey: A massive survey that shows, among many other things, users in richer nations are more likely to use the internet at least once a day for news. However, people in poorer countries are more likely to get their news on mobile, and both sets are equally likely to use social media for news. (Pew Research, with chart via Axios Media Trends, a newsletter to which you should subscribe.)


Al Jazeera's 2017 News Quiz: I can't resist anything that involves getting more stamps in a passport. This fund little quiz combines world events with Google streetview images, combining your news retention and location-guessing abilities. Note: Turn off your sound, the music's kind of maddening! There's also a little user survey at the end which is really the reason the quiz exists. (Al Jazeera via the Atlantic 57 newsletter, to which you should also subscribe.)
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