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Hi! I've missed you -- it's been a bit since my last edition of this newsletter. A lot has been going on, but glad to be back writing this note. Just wanted to highlight one favorite this I read recently, this piece on the growth of Netflix from New York Magazine. While journalistic outfits are shuttering in droves (RIP Village Voice, see below), the unbridled growth of Netflix's ambitions is, well, bracing.


India wants to reign in global tech giants: Governmental agencies are working on policies to address ways to regulate and restrain Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon and others. (New York Times)

And for an example of the problems Indian regulators are attempting to address, here's a harrowing look at how WhatsApp rumors destroyed a rural town: How WhatsApp Destroyed A Village. (BuzzFeed News)

The Village Voice, one of the few remaining stand-out alt-weeklies in the US, shut down. (Variety)

This is very smart and correct: Mary Hamilton (formerly Guardian) on measuring the right things, and in the right way: Good metrics vs bad measurement

US press critic Jay Rosen spent a few months in Germany analyzing some of the underlying assumptions of how the press operates there, for instance: "Journalists in Germany have a positive duty to protect minority rights, and prevent extremes of the left or right from overtaking the public sphere. Not just in their private opinions but in their journalistic work, they are defenders of liberal democracy and the dignity of all human beings." Especially useful reading in light of the rise of the far right in Germany.  (Frankfurter Allgemeine)

Jack Ma is stepping down as Alibaba's executive chairman a year from now, and announced his succession plan. Ma, the company's found and one of the richest men in the world, says he'll return to his roots: teaching. (Bloomberg)

Two interesting reports I haven't been able to digest yet: 


Snapchat's Addressable Reach: Based on Snap's internal data from August 2018, the above is a look at the number of people who can be reached via Snapchat's ads every month. Europe's size is surprising -- and within Europe, France has 17.5m Snapchatters, the UK 15.5m and Germany 9.2m. (Snapchat's business blog)


How to handle jet lag: Since I've started traveling much more for work in the last few years, I've tried a number of different strategies for dealing with jet lag. The only proven one I've found: Don't. Just be tired for a few days and try to eat well and drink a lot of water. And it turns out, that's pretty much right! This is a fascinating piece, and explains why it's often so much easier to travel in one direction (Westward) than the other (Eastward). (The Outline)
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