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Some international highlights from Mary Meeker's 2018 Internet Trends report:
  • Global internet penetration has reach 49%
  • Today, nine of the top twenty internet companies are Chinese (the other eleven are from the US).
  • China now has 753 million mobile internet users.
  • India is #2 behind China, with 355 million total users, but only 27% penetration.
  • Global smartphone growth slowed to just 3% last year.

Hoaxes and disinformation on WhatsApp in India are leading to deaths and mob violence. India is WhatsApp's second-largest market, with over 200 million users, and police in various states say they're having a difficult time keeping up with the spread of false information. (Los Angeles Times)

Newsdog, a news aggregator app in India, raised $50 million in venture funding, led by China's Tencent (the company behind WeChat). The China/India relationship in tech and media is one to watch this year. (Quartz)

People still use MySpace. Not many, but as you might expect, they're sort of obsessive. (Guardian)

Perhaps globalization isn't dead just quite yet? Instead, it's shifted forms: "Today, globalization is being driven by digital technology and is increasingly let by China and other emerging economies."
(Foreign Affairs)


A few weeks back, I asked people on Twitter: Do you know any not terrible airports? The response was actually somewhat encouraging -- from major hubs to small regional airports, people chimed in with votes for places that make travel a little easier. I've compiled them into the start of some kind of 2018 list: The Not-Terrible Airport List.

Do send in your recommendations for places to add.

I also asked folks for airport bar tips on the heels of that great airport bar piece in The Week I featured in the last newsletter. Two lovely recommendations came in from friend-of-the-newsletter Nicholas Haddad:

"The magic of Santorini is perhaps only matched by the utter disrepair of its airport (JTR). But the rooftop terrace and bar is the perfect antidote, where you can enjoy single-serve bottles of sparkling wine while watching the island hoppers take off and land.

"And I always look forward to the Gino's Pizzeria and Pub at the Charleston, WV airport (CRW). The cramped bar in the back is stuck in 1978, and the bartender always calls you hun as she poors you drinkable pinot grigio. As an added bonus, it's outside security, so half the bar is filled with locals from the hollow, enjoying their afternoon beers and mediocre pizza."


Teens these days: They love YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, in the US at least. Facebook usage is in decline, though there are some interesting demographic differences: lower-income teens are more likely to spend time on Facebook than those from higher-income families, and black teens are far more likely than white teens to say Facebook is their most-used platform. (Pew Research)
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i18n is a numeronym, per Wikipedia, "where 18 stands for the number of letters between the first i and the last n in the word 'internationalization.'"
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