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Schibsted, Scandinavia's largest media group, just released their Future Report, which looks ahead at 2018 trends (see my full list of this year's digital media reports here).


Consolidation continues: Time Inc., the publisher behind Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune and Entertainment weekly, was just bought by the Meredith Corporation (which publishes Better Homes & Gardens, Shape and other U.S. magazines) in a deal worth about $2.8 billion. The deal's partly financed by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers, who contributed $650 million. (AP)

The managing director of Times Newspapers Ltd says international publishers in the future will head in one of two directions:
“There will be a few people – maybe no more than 10 – who will be able to charge a large amount of customers for a direct subscription. Then there will be a number of [free] sites that will be at a global scale and generating an audience and running on that model. The people that I worry about are in that mid-range where they are big but not at the scale they need to get to, or can charge but for only a very limited amount of people.”
(The Drum)

A fascinating profile of Topix, a former SEO-driven aggregated news site that has made a comeback using lists, quizzes and Facebook traffic arbitrage. (Inc.)

HuffPost's joint venture in Australia (with Fairfax Media) is possibly about to dissolve, with the two partners engaged in "high level discussions" that are reportedly likely to end in a split. (Ad News)

Village Media in Canada developed a model for building small, profitable local news sites. (Nieman Lab)

The Poynter Institute is still accepting applications for their 2018 Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media. The deadline is Nov. 30; you can apply here.


In-flight cocktails: If you're looking for a holiday gift for someone (or yourself!) who travels a lot, these cocktail kits are fun. I have the Old Fashioned kit (shown), and the spoon, linen cocktail napkin and mini bitters bottle are handy to have. That said, it's incredibly easy to pull together what you'd need for basic cocktails with a little planning ahead. (W&P Design, Tasting Table)
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