MDA Newsletter June 2021
Dear readers, sponsors and supporters of Myittar Yaung Chi, 

In my last newsletter a few months ago I reported about the life in the children's home. Everything was as usual, except for school attendance, which did not take place because of the pandemic.

On February 1st, the military once again took power back with a coup - like in previous times in the course of the country's history. That was a terrible turning point in the life of the population (with over 800 deaths by now) after ten years of so-called political democracy. Unfortunately, the consequences of this seizure of power are felt mainly by the poor part of the people in the country.

As bad as it is, for our children in the home this action has hardly any impact on their lives. They stay well protected in the home, are provided with everything and are apparently still happy. This is shown by the pictures and the reports from the supervisors.
In addition, I am very happy to report that schools have been open since June 1, 2021 and our children are going to school again which is so important to the future life of the pupils.
I am also very happy that we have managed so far - not least with the intensive support of our MDA-Vice President, Captain Jerzy Wilk, who has been living and working in Myanmar since many years - to continue helping the orphans after graduation. Our concern was always to find a job/apprenticeship for the 16 year old graduates. It would be very frustrating to see our children end up on the street or slide into the drug and/or prostitution environment. This is the reason why we are currently staying with 126 children in the home, although we could accommodate and care for 250. Of course the costs that would have to be incurred for additional children also play an important role.
We are actually very satisfied that we are currently offering 15 young graduates good prospects, for example by providing them with training and jobs at the airport, etc. as follows.
-  Technology department
-  Training as a cook helper in the kitchen area
-  Service in the first and business class lounges
-  Service at the reception
-  9-month training as nurse assistants
-  Collaboration in the COVID Test Center
-  University places sponsored by StiftungLife

StiftungLife also regularly finds sponsors for our children.
Just a few weeks ago, eight new boys and girls aged 5-7 years from the Shan region joined us.

Unfortunately, two selected German interns were unable to enter Myanmar last year due to the pandemic. As soon as it is possible again, new ones will be invited. This system has proven itself very well over the past ten years.

Dear friends and supporters of MDA, we are pleased and a little proud that our children in the home can experience a happy, healthy childhood and youth despite the adversities in the country - also thanks to your help.

At this point we would like to point out once again that every Euro or US Dollar donated is spent 1:1 on the children. Any administrative costs, travel expenses, etc. are borne by the volunteer responsible in MDA themselves.

Anyone who does it knows that giving is happier than receiving.

With that in mind, I remain with best regards,
Gerhard Ruether

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