MDA Newsletter August 2020

Dear  reader, godparents and sponsors of Myittar Yaung Chi,  

As I visited the orphanage in Thanlyin in Myanmar with my wife and friends in January, there was no mention of the Corona virus. We were relaxed and looking forward - as every year - to visit the children in their homes and check if all is in order. 
Since more than ten years it is still a joy to see how great the children are developing. You can see that they feel comfortable and are part of the community. A big thank you goes to the parents of the orphanage, U Thet Lin with his wife and the 13 employees. From the very beginning, U Thet Lin is leading the orphanages, currently 135 children, with an impressive routine and efficiency. Also Captain Jerzy Wilk visits the orphanages on a regular basis every weekend and is always there for support and advise. Since some years, Andreas Schantz from Uniteam Marine in Yangon is as well on the ground and coordinates the administration. 
As the pandemic began, we stocked up on food supplies; the provision is always secured for six months. All inhabitants of both orphanages are very disciplined with the Covid-19 regulations, not only in school but also in the orphanages where they wear their masks.
The children in grade 10 and 11 are already back to school. On 15th of August, the lessons for grade 8 and 9 will start again. Primary classes will then follow by mid-September. 
Our biggest challenge is to set the next step for the future of the children who have finished school at approx. age 16. If we don’t take care, they might possibly end up on the street with all its dangers.  
Until now, we have manged to find employments for our leavers. Five girls are currently working in an old people's home and will stay there after they have finished their apprenticeship, alternatively they will have the chance to find a job with their gained certificates. Three boys live and work at our Bayview - the beach resort at the reception desk or in the kitchen. Capt. Jerzy Wilk managed to find work and apprenticeships for 11 boys at Yangon International Airport - and the boys are doing very well. 
Some school leavers had extraordinary school results and are studying at university.
The number of leavers from our orphanages will increase in the following years. With the help of supporters, we hope to find jobs or apprenticeships for all of them. 
In March, our successful volunteer Fiammetta Rosenblatt was able to leave Yangon in the last minute before the airports closed. The airports in Myanmar are still closed and it looks like they will not open before the elections on 8th of November 2020. This is a pity as our next volunteer, Greta Juergens, wanted to join the orphanages in September. Now, we hope that she will be able to join beginning/mid of November. This would be two months less than expected at the orphanage, however, support during the long vacation and the heavy rainy season is not essential.
At this point, I would like to thank all godparents, donors and supporters of our orphanages. We are proud to ensure that all funds reach the children for their care and accommodation. All administrational work happens on an unsalaried basis.  
I hope that the generous support will thrive and maybe increase in the future. 19 children still don’t have godparents. Approx. Euro 70,- are needed to cover the monthly costs which arise per child. You can become a godparent as an individual, group or even as a company. Please contact us for further information.
With my best regards 
Gerhard Ruether

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