MDA Newsletter February 2021
Dear reader, godparents and sponsors of Myittar Yaung Chi,

refrerring to the incidents beginning of February, we would like to inform you about the current situation in Myanmar. It is far too early to evaluate the whole situation. However, the development in the short period of time is not alarming. 

Our staff on the ground reports that the daily life mainly proceeds as usual. Traffic, flights and communication tools within the country as well as with foreign countries are working similar as in the times of Corona. The government announced that they quickly want to improve the economy, especially supporting the tourism sector to secure jobs. Of course the development of Corona plays a cruical role. 

We will see how the western world will deal with the situation from the political perspective. Sanctions in the past have failed. They havent effected the military or the rich people but took the jobs from the poorest. The new regime stated that the power will be handed over to a civil government within a year.
Captain Wilk has currently visited the orphanage and confirmed that life is running smoothly as usual. We are in Thanliyn on a regular basis and can ensure that the children are safe and have all what they need.  
On this occasion I would like to address another topic: lots of our godparents would like to send gifts to their children. In the past, we had our vessels coming to Hamburg, and offsigners have carried the gifts to Yangon. Now we have only very few vessels passing Hamburg and we unfortunately cant offer the possibility to hand-carry gifts via seafarers anymore..
If you want to send gifts to your child, please send them via DHL to the following address: 
Uniteam Marine (Yangon) Limited
--Myittar Yaung Chi Orphanage, Thanlyin--
84 Pan Hlaing Street
Sanchaung Township
11111 Yangon
Please ensure there is a note in the parcel including name and number of your child.

We will keep you informed about further developments in Myanmar.
Kind regards 
Gerhard Ruether 

Deutsche Bank Hamburg
BLZ: 20070000
IBAN: DE04 2007 0000 0130 0425 00

code: Orphanages
Glockengiesserwall 3
20095 Hamburg

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