MDA Newsletter February 2023
Dear readers, sponsors and supporters of Myittar Yaung Chi,

we would like to wish you - albeit a bit late - a happy and healthy New Year. We hope that 2023 will be a year of good news. We would also like to thank you very much for all your valuable support, on which we could count even in difficult times. 

We have good news from our orphanage!  

Enjoy reading!    

Andreas Schantz, MDA Treasurer

Upgrade of the computer room  

In September, thanks to a large individual donation, we were able to equip our computer room with new laptops, which were immediately used by all the children. The children are very happy!


The Tazaungdaing Festival is celebrated in Myanmar in November. The Festival of Light is one of the most important celebrations in the country: pagodas - where the famous weaving competitions take place - are visited, everything is decorated with lights to celebrate the end of the rainy season. At our orphange, Capt. Jerzy Wilk handed out ice cream to the children after they passed Mama Thay Thay's "smell test": she checked that the little ones washed their hands properly. 

Visiting the Uniteam Career Development Institute (UCD-I)  

In December the older children had an important visit at UCD-I. UCD-I, a division of Uniteam Training in Yangon, offers German language courses. Through Uniteam Healthcare Services, German speaking Burmese are given the opportunity to complete a three-year apprenticeship to become a nurse in Germany. A language test (language level B1) is necessary to get a visa. The first 23 trainees from Myanmar have already relocated to Marburg and passed their intermediate exam with flying colours! Maybe in the future we will also meet graduates from our orphanage in Germany to complete an apprenticeship in healthcare.   


The awards for the best students 2022/2023 were handed over in Yangon. Out of 1.000 school children, our children did very well: the girls won twelve prizes, the boys received four prizes! We are very happy and proud of our school children! 

Independence Day   

Independence Day is celebrated in Myanmar on 4th of January. The country declared its independence  from the British Crown 75 yeas ago. At the orphanage, the day was celebrated with games and sports, which both boys and girls enjoyed.  

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