MDA Newsletter July 2022
Dear readers, sponsors and supporters of Myittar Yaung Chi,

Myanmar keeps making negative headlines in the international press. And things could get worse before getting better. In this newsletter edition we would like to share some positive news. And we remain hopeful that Myanmar will return on a better path from here.   

I personally look forward to my next visit to Myanmar in August and report direct from the orphanage. We have plenty of news to share. Especially about this year's graduates and their next steps to adult life.  

The MDA team hopes you will enjoy this edition.  

With best regards 


Travel restrictions are eased

Since mid-April 2022, international airlines have been allowed to fly again to Yangon International Airport. And the Myanmar's Ministry of Immigration and Population has announced that it will increase the number of e-visa (tourist) applications from Friday (May 20), aiming to develop the tourism sector and balance tourism with neighboring countries. We are glad that visiting to Myanmar is possible again. 

German institutions are committed to help Myanmar

The German Embassy and the Goethe Institut have confirmed their commitment to the country. We are happy about the commitment because these institutions are important partners for our projects.  

“I am very happy that the Goethe-Institut has reopened and hope that we will be able to respond to the current needs of local communities and young audiences", says Mona Kriegler, new Director of Germany‘s Goethe-Institut in Myanmar, during an event with local artists, colleagues and international partners, hosted by Chargé d’affaires York Schuegraf.  

Schuegraf reaffirmed that Germany will stay with the people of Myanmar and will continue to provide opportunities for cultural collaboration, educational exchanges and learning.  

“Germany will maintain its friendly relationship with the people of Myanmar. It is of utmost importance now to tackle the humanitarian problems. We will support Myanmar on its way back to democracy”, states Schuegraf.  

WhatsApp Group successfully launched 

Our new WhatsApp group is growing quickly. A quarter of our newsletter readers have already signed up. We have shared a dozen posts since January and many more pictures and videos. The overall feedback has been positive, and we would like to encourage even more readers to sign up. Followers of the Whatsapp Group chat will receive more info about the daily life of the children. And we also managed to find god parents for 2 new children via the group last month. At the end of this newsletter readers will find a summary of all the posts from the last months. 

For those who don’t use Whatsapp yet please read on. You can download the app to your smartphone for free. After you have installed the app on your phone simply scan the QR code below with your camera and follow the instructions. In case you have difficulties setting it up we are happy to assist. Kindly reach out to our email:
Welcome and farewell 

We say welcome to 21 new children. The 11 girls and 10 boys between the age of 4 and 8 arrived last month. We will soon share more information. Please forward our web link or email for recommendations. Because these children will need new god parents. 

At the same time, we have to say farewell to the biggest age cohort so far. Nine children between the ages of 16 and 20 have finished school and will leave the orphanage. This is an exciting time for the children. Capt. Wilk and the team in Yangon do their best to find jobs for them. We all hope they will continue their successful path to adulthood. And we will follow their progress as much as we can and report from time to time.  


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Special WhatsApp Chat History 
20th January
Welcome to the MDA news group!
Willkommen in der MDA Nachrichten Gruppe!
The 4th of January is Independence in Myanmar. On that day in 1948 Myanmar gained its independence from Britain. Festivals and traditional activities are held across the country to celebrate the date. At the orphanage they celebrate with sport events. Enjoy the pics and little video.
Der 4. Januar ist Unabhängigkeitstag in Myanmar. An diesem Tag im Jahr 1948 erlangte Myanmar seine Unabhängigkeit von Großbritannien. Feste und traditionelle Aktivitäten werden im ganzen Land abgehalten, um das Datum zu feiern. Im Waisenhaus wird mit sportlichen Wettbewerben gefeiert. Anbei ein paar Bilder.
27th January

Every year the Ministry of Welfare is inspecting the orphanage to ensure that everything is in good order. They have been satisfied and left the orphanage without any complaint. The boys and girls gathered for a farewell group picture. It is good to see that some important institutions are still doing their job considering the circumstances in the country. Until next time.
Jedes Jahr inspiziert das Wohlfahrtsministerium das Waisenhaus, um sicherzustellen, dass alles in Ordnung ist. Sie waren zufrieden und verließen das Waisenhaus klaglos. Die Jungs und Mädels versammelten sich zu einem gemeinsamen Abschiedsfoto. Es ist gut zu sehen, dass einige wichtige Institutionen angesichts der Umstände im Land immer noch ihre Arbeit tun. Bis zum nächsten Mal.

By the way. The gentlemen on the right hand side of the picture in the blue shirt is our orphanage director. His name is U Thet Lwin. But everyone calls him “Pepe Gyi”. Which means something like the big father for everyone.
Übrigens. Der Herr rechts im Bild im blauen Hemd ist unser Heimleiter. Sein Name ist U Thet Lwin. Aber alle nennen ihn „Pepe Gyi“. Was so viel wie der große Vater für alle bedeutet.
4th March
We are very happy about the generous donation made by AMD Water Company, Myanmar. Their support ensures the children have access to clean water. AMD undertook the upgrading of the water filtration supply system at a fraction of the normal costs. Thank you AMD Water Company!
31th March
One important tradition in Myanmar is to pay respect to your parents before going to school exams. Thats exactly what you can see in the following pictures. In our case the parents are our principal U Thet Lwin and his wife May May Htay. Wish our kids luck for their exams during the coming days. 🍀 +🦉🦉(Owls are symbol of luck in Myanmar, especially a pair of them).
15th April
The MDA Team wishes happy and peaceful Easter holidays to everyone. The Waterfestival and new year celebrations in Yangon at our orphanage are in full swing.
18th May
God day to everybody. Last month 2 new boys and 1 girl applied for shelter at the orphanage. Our team welcomed them and is helping them to settle in. Therefore we are looking for 2-3 new god parents. Thanks for supporting. With best regards your MDA Team.
12th June
We wish you all a happy Sunday. And we have some positive news to share. Finally the children can go back to school again. Previously the school was closed due to the pandemic and political situation. Luckily all kids are back to school now to continue their education. Best wishes your MDA Team.