Dear readers, god-parents and supporters of the Myittar Yaung Chi orphanages,

2019 kicked off well - this is what the MDA President Gerhard Ruether learned during his annual visit to the orphanages! He is pictured below together with his wife, the head of the orphanages U Thet Lwin, the volunteers Annabelle, Jule and Martha and - happy children. He states: "It is good to see that the children are well. But this is not enough. It matters to me that we help them to build an independent life, be it through university studies or a good job. This is a challenge, but our team on the spot works hard on it. My thanks goes to all our supporters!" 
For all those who cannot visit to have a look themselves, we have gathered news from the orphanage below. Often we are asked how daily life in the orphanages looks like. Annabelle and Jule will tell about their impressions in the forthcoming editions of this newsletter. Today our series starts with a picturesque morning during school holidays... 
Our thanks go to Annabelle, Jule and Martha for the great job they did! All three of them have now returned to Germany. Your emails to will reach your god-children, but we ask you for a little bit of patience when it comes to them answering! 

Your team at MDA

Daily life in the orphanages, Part 1: A turbulent morning during school holidays

When the day starts during holidays in the MTYC orphanages, most people abroad would turn over and go back to sleep for another couple of hours. But there are a lot of things to be done before breakfast: More than 130 kids have to take a shower, get dressed and brush their teeth. And it is not only here that the older girls and boys give them a hand. Clothes need to be hand washed every day as well. It is peak period in the bathrooms each morning!

Once the bathrooms have been flooded, it is time to clean the orphanages and to prepare them for the day to come. Each child has its duty. The lucky ones help preparing breakfast and may snatch a snack. Ironing or taking care of the waste is less popular. 

While some are finishing their duties, another activity starts, loved by some, while others would prefer to skip it: the early morning exercise. Now at the latest, the last residents of MTYC still asleep are rousted out of bed. There is no such thing as quiet sports here, as counting aloud accompanies the moves. 

At 7 am (yes, all this happened before 7!) all of a sudden it gets absolutely quiet - but only for a short moment - before everybody joins in the morning prayer. It lasts 15 minutes and even the smallest kids are able to pronounce it in record speed. A round of meditation follows and then everybody has deserved their breakfast. 

It is served in the Dining Room of the boys' orphanage - but not taken jointly, as gazing at the boys or girls at the next table should not keep the kids off from eating. Once the huge portion of rice with different condiments has been eaten, forenoon begins in the orphanages....

Annabelle and Jule

Days at the beach!

The children in tenth grade had a hard time in March. The final exams were a challenge as expected. Some subjects such as Myanmar seem to have gone well, but after the exams in chemistry, all came back to the orphanage quite frustrated. Results will be given only in June.   

The younger children still can enjoy their lives. In early March, children from grade 6 to 9 spent two days at the beach - and it seems they had big fun! It is common practice in Myanmar to wear normal clothes - a bikini would be out of place.

The boys of course were around as well and enjoyed their typical activities.....

A day at the zoo

recently was on the agenda of the smallest kids. 
Besides a home and a good education we want to offer the children the opportunity to make discoveries and enjoy their lives. If you want to support such activities and excursions, we are grateful for your donation!

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