MDA Newsletter January 2021
Dear reader, godparents and sponsors of Myittar Yaung Chi,
First of all, I would like to extend my very best wishes for 2021, foremost health and good luck as well as peace in heart and soul as one of our most important spiritual values.
On this occasion I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all our sponsors and godparents at MDA-Myanmar for supporting our good cause financially.
Let’s hope in the course of 2021 we may be able to return to our normal lives as we knew it before COVID-19.
At our boys and girls orphanages life has been going on almost normal, with the exception that schools and universities are closed. Some previous leavers from our children’s home who are now immatriculated at the Yangon University are for the time being back at the orphanage since they have no place to stay. They are now teaching our children as good as they can and thereby giving a good example being role models, urging the children to work and study hard for a good future in their life. 
All the time throughout 2020 and ongoing we have been ensuring that both houses are fully equipped with food and all other necessities.
Captain Jerzy Wilk from Yangon has been instrumental with the establishment of our orphanages and is still visiting them regularly almost every weekend, supporting the house leader U Thet Lwin and overseeing that all is in order. I am very glad he accepted the proposal to become our new Vice President following Andreas Schantz, who from 1.1.2021 has been relocated to Singapore within Uniteam Group of Companies. Andreas remains a member of the board of directors.
We hope that from September 2021 we may appoint again a young female or male intern to stay with the children for six months at Thanlyin. The applicant should be an Abitur graduate (A Levels) this coming summer. All past interns during more than ten years have highly praised their experience and mentioned how very useful they felt it was for their future life. If you believe you could propose a suitable candidate - or two - you are welcome to let us know.
Finally, please be informed there are still about a dozen children without sponsors. In case you know friends or acquainted people who might be interested to support a child don't hesitate to inform us. Also a sponsorship as a company is possible. We guarantee every sponsored Euro will be spent for the good of the children at our orphanages. 
With kindest regards
Gerhard Ruether
President MDA


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