Dear readers, godparents and supporters of the Myittar Yaung Chi orphanages,

the MDA and the children in Myittar Yaung Chi send best seasonal greetings. We look forward to another year with the children, hope we can count on your ongoing support, and wish you all the best for 2019! 

Your team at the MDA

Are feelings just about chemistry?

It was one and a half years since I last visited the orphanage and my two godchildren. Being back was amazing. My kids have grown into two very serious 10th grade students. This last year at school is a challenge for many children, in Myanmar as in the orphanage. The curriculum is demanding and pressure is high, as only a good exam opens the door to university. My godson, who always had been a high flyer during his years at school, explained me that he was struggling and how helpful the supporting lessons at the orphanage were to him. Chemical equations are the major challenge for him and I have to admit I had to run a google search to understand, what it was all about. Schools in Myanmar do not have chemistry labs where one can see in practice, how substances react with each other. Thus, students have to learn by heart a lot without understanding backgrounds.

Our excursion to the Thanlyin market was another instructive experience. Two years back, the wish list had been long, including jeans and dresses. But this time, it was only the two younger girls coming with us whom I could make happy with such shopping. My two kids ended up telling me: „We have enough clothes“ - can you imagine, they are teenagers! „but we would like to buy snacks.“ Snacks? This made me think of Bein Moun, the delicious pan cakes made with rice flour, palm syrup and poppy seed you can buy at any street corner. But this is not what they had in mind: they wanted to thank their teachers with very special treats. And for sure not to oil their palm. Thus we went to the small supermarket and bought chocolates, cookies and milk. And I enjoyed the experience how these teenagers prize the support they get, beyond the respect for elders and teachers you typically find in Myanmar. I flew back to Germany with the reassuring thought, that Myittar Yaung Chi gears young people for their adult life with values and emotions. Whether my girl and my boy in the end pass their exams or not - I am not worried about their future. But of course I keep my fingers crossed!

Monika Staerk

Joyful work on Christmas presents

Our new volunteers, Annabelle and Jule, arrived in Thanlyin beginning of November and joined Martha to take care of the children. And their first activity was to work with the children on the Christmas presents for godparents.

"In mostly Buddhist Myanmar, Christmas in a proper sense of the term somehow does not exist. But every child knows Father Christmas and understands, how important Christmas is for Europeans. Thus, we are being assailed with questions on how we celebrate Christmas at home. Food, presents, and of course the notorious snow all are topics of interest both thrilling and strange for the children. And they worked on the Christmas gifts for their godparents with the same enthusiasm. 

Cutting and gluing started shortly after our arrival while we still were struggling to get to know faces and names. Thus, it was a challenge to start working with 40 children and just five scissors. But it worked out very well, mostly thanks to the older girls’ support and the younger children’s touching patience. For us it was a great opportunity to get in touch with the kids. And we could experience the loving and caring atmosphere in the orphanage and how the children fondle each other. 

It was amazing to see how devotedly the children worked on their presents, cutting snowflakes out of paper and decorating for hours. The children help each other - the older kids give a hand to the younger and vice versa. Thus, all presents somehow are the result of amazing team work."

Christmas is the season for gifts and donations!  

The children in Myittar Yaung Chi receive supporting classes to prepare them for their adult life. Computer trainings, English language lessons, swimming and excursions - all this is meant to help them develope into brave, happy and successful persons. 

You can support with your donations - the children will be grateful!

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