Dear readers, god-parents and supporters of the Myittar Yaung Chi orphanages,

Beginning of June has marked a new era in the life of some of our smallest children: they had their first day at school! For some years already children join the orphanage at early age in order to prepare them for school. This effort bears fruit! As you can see, they are being brought to school safely with pocket money to buy a snack during their break. The tenth grade students have received their final exam results in early June - you will find more information in this newsletter. Our former volunteers Annabelle and Jule have written another report on the daily life in the orphanage: this time it is about a typical forenoon.

Your team at MDA

Coming of age

Some of our first graders look a bit scared on this photo, but for sure this will change soon. Our tenth-graders, who have just finished school, are quite confident with their first steps into adult life. They know they can rely on our support - this helps a lot. Our team in Yangon is working hard to identify training positions and good jobs for them. Out of 12 students, 4 passed the exams, which in fact are very difficult. This is exactly the national average. Unfortunately none of the students has scored high enough to qualify for a scholarship from Stiftung Life to attend university. 

But no matter, all of them will have a good start into life! Four of the boys are already working at the Yangon International Airport. If you visit Yangon next time, you may happen to buy a coffee or a souvenir with them taking care of you. Two boys and one girl are waiting for the results of their exams to attend a bakery training. Another girl will start a training as an assistant nurse. Just about 600 EUR will be sufficient to cover training fees and their daily expenses at the orphanage for a nine months period. In case you want to support our young adults with their steps into professional life, we are grateful to receive your donation!


Daily life at the orphanage, part 2: a sunny forenoon

As soon as they have finished breakfast, the children disperse into different parts of the orphanage. For the girls, this implies a little walk to their house. 
You are likely to find most of the kids in the garden, where they are busy harvesting veggies and weeding - and chatting of course. But when the gardener comes close, all become quiet and busy. Once greeneries have been collected and feet have been washed, the most exciting part of the morning starts. Girls have been asking for it already during breakfast, now they may start painting. Most of them choose the theme of the older girl next to them: Disney-princesses, colorful sunsets, or elephants, some of them a bit bulky. 

For the boys, forenoons are not that quiet. After gardening they all rush to the football field. No, not all of them - because according to the older boys, the smaller kids rather should get some training at the gateway first, to improve their poor performance. 

During forenoon one can see children in groups reading books or newspapers or teaching each other English language. While kids in Europe normally give their schoolbags a wide berth, at Myittar Yaung Chi children during their holidays try to prepare for the next year at school or to learn English in order to get a better job later on. 

But then it is 10.20 hrs and you can hear a loud DUAME (let's go) throughout the orphanage. The children start to move - as it is time for lunch. You may not believe it, but lunch is being served at 10.30 at MTYC - and except for us volunteers, no one sees a reason to be surprised by that early lunch. Just three hours after breakfast, the kids find themselves in front of huge piles of rice with fish curry and enjoy their meal. it is always the smallest who finish their portions first!   


We want our children to stand on their own feet - the youngest as well as the grown-ups

If you want to support their professional training, we are grateful for your donation!

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