Dear readers, god-parents and supporters f the Myittar Yaung Chi orphage,

In Myittar Maung Chi as well, the year 2019 comes to its end. Together with the children, we are sending Seasonal Greetings and all the best for the New Year! 
We hope that we can count on your ongoing support - this will be the nicest gift for us! With our stories in this newsletter, we hope to document well, that your support is worth the effort! Our volunteer Fiammetta Rosenblatt has written the last chapter of our series on everyday life in the orphanage and she reports about a session on sex education. In case you want to send letters or presents to your child, please read our information on mail services at the end of this newsletter.

Your Team at the MDA

Daily life at the orphanage, part 4: quiet evenings

After dinner the children march to the gallery of toothbrushes in front of the washrooms. For a couple of minutes, it is all about foaming and spitting, then the toothbrushes end up in their basket again. All daily tasks are finished now, just the shoes need cleaning. This happens with high speed and excellent results! The smaller kids sort the shoes by colors and classes and range them properly. In the meantime, the older kids are busy with ironing or brushing. You think you can hear a "Whew, we are done!", that much you can see relief on the kids' faces for having finished their duties.  

Everybody makes good use of the hours before sunset. Many let off steam while rope skipping or tagging, others build pyramids out of cards and others again read the newspaper. Everybody enjoys these moments, at dusk a serene atmosphere is reigning at the orphanage.  

The relaxing hours end up in the time for prayer and meditation. At 6.30 pm, all children come together before the altar, seated orderly according to their height. After the prayer, it is funny to watch the seating order turn by 45° just to find all kids seated in exactly the same order before the TV. The screen shines and they dive into yet another different world, this time the one of Indian TV soaps. Some children sit aside, eating snacks and whispering to each other or gazing at the moon and the stars.  The older children still are busy with their homework, getting moral support with a cup of tea. 

For the smallest, a long day comes to its end at 8 or 9 pm. With a reliefing „AIME“ (we got to bed!), they disappear in the bedrooms. The rest of the family moves closer to the TV set then. This procedure repeats itself for a couple of times during the evening until the oldest as well give up to fatigue.


Getting of age needs training - and sex education

We accompany our teenagers at Myittar Yaung Chi into adult life. Sex education is part of the process to ensure that they are safe and act responsibly. We invited experts to the orphanages: Ms Thet Thet Khaing, who works for a local NGO offering sex education for teenagers, and Ms Dr. Than Myint from the project „Swimming Doctors“ of Stiftung Life. The experts came to meet the teenagers in October, girls and boys separately. After all, with such issues, everybody needs to speak in confidence. They introduced topics such as personal hygiene and contraception. More and more teenagers are online and in social media, thus, the risks lurking there were discussed as well. 

All messages passed well, with neither girls nor boys shy to ask any question. The relaxed atmosphere with everybody sitting on the floor in a circle for sure contributed a lot to open up minds and hearts. 

Your gifts and donations

Christmas cards will be delivered to you by email this year. In case you want to send letters or presents to your kids, the best is to do it via mail to the Uniteam Marine office in Yangon:

Uniteam Marine Yangon
Attn. Mr Andreas Schantz
Pan Hlaing Street 84
11111 Yangon, Myanmar

Please note on the cover, that the letter or parcel is meant for the Myittar Yaung Chi Orphanages and state the name and the number of your child. 

In case there is some Christmas bonus left you want to dedicate to charity, your donation is most welcome!
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