Dear readers, god-parents and supporters of the orphanages Myittar Yaung Chi,

while in Europe autumn has begun, in Myanmar the rainy season comes to an end - and with it the time for water-football.... Not only the children look foward to sunny days to be coming, but as well the trainees who have joined the orphanage recently. Annika and Martha are taking care of our mailbox, checking mails by godparents and sending out replies. Until coming April, swift delivery will be guaranteed, so please send your messages to mentioning the name and number of your child.
Annika and Martha have taken nice photos for our new calendar 2019, too. If you want to support the orphanages, please order your sample of the calendar - you will be rewarded immediately with pictures of happy children.

Your team from MDA
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A snapshot from the classroom

Martha and Annika report about their English language lessons at Myittar Yaung Chi.
"We take care of the children in their daily routines, and during activities such as playing or painting. In addition we help them to improve their English. Both of us take care of a group of 7 to 10 children, boys and girls mixed. English language lessons normally take place in the evening from 6.30 to 8 pm.  At the beginning we use to speak about what happened during the day before we turn to regular lessons from the textbooks. Topics include grammar, vocabulary or reading comprehension. This training lasts for about an hour. During the last 30 minutes, we move to a more informal and playful approach of teaching to help the children make practical use of their English. This may be short theatre plays the kids develop in groups and stage, or trivia games on vocabulary, where they describe and explain words for the others to guess the solution.  After just one month of training, both our groups have made impressive progress. For sure this is due to the fact that the kids get acquainted with us and their fellow students and have become more experienced. The fact that the children come from different age groups with different levels of English language knowledge sometimes is a challenge. We have to think about ways and means on how to involve all of them without some dropping out and others feeling bored. But we enjoy a lot teaching the kids and witnessing their daily progress. Such achievements make the kids confident and happy. And we as their “teachers” take pride in our work as well."

Copycats welcome!

Expats in Yangon and Myanmar people keen of Western food enjoyed the 3rd European Food Festival end of July. 1,800 guests indulged in delicacies - and did good at the same time. Proceeds of altogether almost 12,000 USD were shared among the Myittar Yaung Chi orphanages and two other social projects.

Your birthday is approaching and relatives and friends ask what gift would make your day? You wonder where to give proceeds of the christmas market at your children's school? Think of the Myittar Yaung Chi orphanages.
The children will be delighted as you can see - and MDA sends warm thanks!
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