Dear readers, god-parents and supporters of the Myittar Yaung Chi orphanages,

We have good news: a new volunteer has arrived. In the next months, Fiammetta Rosenblatt will take care of the kids and of communication with the god-parents. You will help her a lot if you make the start by sending a short message with a picture to with the name and number of your child in the reference line. Fiammetta will make sure you get an answer and the contact is established. 

Annabelle and Jule, our previous volunteers, contribute another chapter of their stories on every day life in Myitar Yaung Chi and we are sure this gives you a very lively impression. Another short report covers the first steps into adult life of two of the children who started a professional training recently.

Many thanks for your ongoing support!

Your team at MDA

Daily life in the orphanage, part 3: a sweet afternoon

These exist: The lucky days, when Jerzy Wilk, the "father" of the orphanage, comes to visit and brings Donuts. All children are keen to get one of the incredible sweet delicacies with jam and sugar icing and of course the smallest kids are the most impatient. When it comes to eating the sweets, this looks different in Myanmar: while most children in Germany prefer to check their new toys or eat their sweets on their own, in Myanmar everybody, including kids, likes to share. You can be sure that someone puts a sweet bit in your mouth and everybody is invited to taste with each other. This was a tremendous experience for us volunteers. 

Afterwards, it is time for business: most importantly the laundry. Some of the children assume the responsible tasks: folding and ranging the laundry. It seems they don't put too much trust in us volunteers: we were just asked to sort the hangers by colors, together with the youngest kids. After this task has been checked and approved by the older girls, it is time for a well deserved afternoon nap. In summer, temperatures reach up to 40° in the shadow, and this is quite tiring. As a result, during the next couple of hours, it is quite calm in the orphanage.  

Normally this is the time when the older children are meant to take a rest or to do their homework. But it may happen that they meet instead secretly in one of the rooms to marvel at Korean boy groups on the mobile phone of one of the volunteers or to work on card tricks. You just need to be careful that teachers are not aware!

After the nap, it is time again to pour litres of water over the children, the small and the older ones alike. All of them are keen to get such a refreshment. During the rest of the afternoon, the programme is different each day. You may find groups learning traditional dances in the courtyard. On other days, the yard is filled with the sound of the razor, trying to get under control the heads of about 80 boys. Other children work on paintings or play shop in the in the recreation room. For us it was a funny experience to enter the room and find six children discussing about rules of Rommee game while in the corner another kid works on a painting of a christmas tree. 

At 4 pm the toy shop is closed, the Burmese music shut down and the text books put aside - finally it is time again to eat! 



Coming of age

For my two "kids" Moe Moe und Than Htay, in summer real life has begun: they started their training. Both of them have not made it to university, but it seems they had a great start, though. Than Htay has started a three months training in the Uniteam Technical Training Center - and he really seems to enjoy it, above all welding and working on the lathe. Recently, it seems he had to spend a rather boring day of theoretical classes, which are not his cup of tea. Thus, thanks to Uniteam, he could discover and develop his talents. Welders are high in demand in Myanmar, that is for sure!  

Moe Moe has started a training as "assistant nurse". This does not sound exciting, but in Myanmar, training as a nurse takes place at university level and assistant nurses are high in demand to assume qualified care. The course lasts for nine months and for the moment it is all about theoretical classes. Moe Moe too likes her new life. I can see how she matures and becomes more sure of herself. 

Both of them still live in the orphanage and return to their safe haven every evening. This is a perfect environment for their first steps into independent life. At the same time, the smaller kids learn about how adult life looks like. 

For me it is a great experience to watch and assist the two of them with their coming of age. I cover the cost of Moe Moe's training and the cost of living for both of them, plus some pocket money. 

If you happen to have friends or family, who do not want to take care of a smaller kid over a long period of time, but who would be willing to sponsor professional training for one of the children, let us know. Depending on the duration of the training, cost is between 600 and 900 EUR. This would help us a lot to ensure that all kids have a good start into life.

It is a pleasure for us to share more information, if you are interested! 

Monika Stärk

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