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The serious side of life is coming closer - and motivation is in great demand!

In Thanlyin, school has started again. Six girls and nine boys now attend the final class and have to prepare for important exams. The team at the orphanage is busy motivating them and urge them to learn - any parents among our readers will know how challenging this is when dealing with 14 and 15 year old kids. Last year two out of five testees have passed their final exams and can begin their studies - we hope for the established support of Stiftung Life's study programme, which already supports graduates of the previous year: thanks to a monthly scholarship of  150,000 MMK (about 100 USD) two boys are now studying at Sagaing with support by a mentor. 
The three children which despite intense assistance in learning did not pass exams qualifying for university studies. But their future is taken care of as well. They will work at the orphanage or in the hotels of Uniteam Group of Companies and be introduced to professional life. And as for the young students, they are looked after - in Myanmar school ends after 10 classes only, that means at the age of 16.
We are sure the support of godparents will be of essence - when writing to your kids, please encourage them to learn! Your messages to will be forwarded and read out. And from mid August onwards, a new trainee, Martha Hempel, will be on the spot to ensure, you will receive timely anwers on top!

A joyful reunion 

Carla Lüders has spent a couple of months in Thanlyin last year as a trainee - and the kids are still close to her heart. This is why she paid another visit to the orphanage in spring and below shares with you her impressions:

"It is almost a year now that I terminated my internship at the orphanage and already at that time I knew I would come back whenever possible. With each new trainee, the children get to know new faces, characters and insights in the outside world - but it is a pity that most of the times they never meet again these new acquaintances. Once one has become familar with the kids, communication has eased and nice routines of everyday life have established, the cherished one coming from abroad runs off again.

My plan was to make a change and to come back again! When finally I arrived back in the orphanage after one year it felt as if I had never left in the first place: the kids remembered me immediately, no trace of the usual timidness towards strangers, and I was invited to play tags and skipo. The older girls, with whom I had been singing and dancing the year before, told me they were reminiscent whenever listening to the tones of „Because of you“.

The just one week I could spend with the kids was full with pleasure, painting, tinkering, singing, dancing and chatting. The smaller kids liked best playing  „Musical chairs" and „Pulling carots“. The older ones had a wish list of songs to learn and as a result by the end of the week we all were singing out loud One Direction's „One thing“ - almost as would do European girls, just a bit lagging behind trends.
In the evening, when the heat had faded, I picked my laptop to play Zumba videos on Youtube and a group of about 20 girls started to dance with excitement.

A couple of weeks earlier, a number of new children had arrived at the orphanage. Some of them could not speak burmese and the older kids teached them the burmese alphabet, traditional songs and dances every day. It is amazing to see how caring the kids are with each other (yes of course, in Myittar Yaung Chi as well there are arguments among sibblings) and assume responsibilities within their "family".

During my short visit, the orphanage received a donation of four sewing machines as some of the girls had kept on telling me they wanted to become designers. When the first mechanic sewing machines arrived, they were welcomed with excitement and immediately the next day the kids started exercising themselves: at the beginning just sticking on newspaper, then using a thread. Two of the employees are skilled in sewing and help their fosterlings. I am sure we will be able to admire the first pieces of clothing before long!

Of course the kids were curious to learn how I had been during the past year and listened carefully when I explained about my move and my studies. Some dream of studying medicine themselves and the oldest wants to become a nurse.

Time rushed and all of a sudden the week had come to an end. „Ma Ma Carla, please come to meet us again!“, my girls begged and as the year before I promised with all resolve to keep that promise. It may have been a short week only but incredibly joyful, touching and filled with happiness."

Your donation matters!

Children in Myittar Yaung Chi receive additional education to prepare them well for an independent life. PC training, support at school and English language lessons as well as swimming lessons and excursions are meant to help them develop into smart, happy and successful persons.
Support us with your donation - the children will be grateful!
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