The Bariatric Surgery Registry Newsletter

Issue# 6, 24 March 2016


Welcome to the sixth edition of the Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR) Newsletter! We hope you find this edition interesting and informative.


Rollout - beyond the 10,000 milestone

Since our exciting announcement of 10,000 consented patients in Issue 5 of the BSR Newsletter, we have had a quiet period over the summer holidays, which has been gradually picking up.  Once again, we thank you for your contribution and hard work in order to reach this milestone and hope you had an enjoyable and much deserved break.

We now have 11,615 consented patients on the Registry, with 434 choosing to Opt Off (3.46%) and 28 (0.22%) choosing to partially Opt Off, meaning the Registry cannot contact them.

The BSR now has a total of 82 approved sites across Australia.  This compares with 79 approved sites in December 2015.  We have 99 surgeons currently contributing to the Registry and this number continues to increase over time.  Thank you for those who are continuing to send in your forms, or completing your data through the BSR-i.

While we still have some way to go in our national roll-out, we are making great progress.

State Approved Sites Sites Remaining
NSW 16 38
NT 0 1
QLD 15 17
SA 8 5
TAS 4 1
VIC 30 11
WA 9 7
ACT 0 3
Total: 82 83

Semi Annual Report
The BSR’s Semi Annual Report has now been finalised and emailed to all surgeons and stakeholders. The Semi Annual Report includes information up to and including 31 December 2015.  The report is a truncated version of the Annual Report which is sent midyear.  We hope that you have had time to sift through the information, and found it a good summary of BSR's work so far.  We thank you all for your contribution and look forward to seeing how these numbers will grow in the next few months leading up to the Fourth Annual Report of the Bariatric Surgery Registry.  As always, we welcome any feedback you have on the Semi Annual Report, as we are committed to continually improving our reporting.

If you did not receive a copy of our Semi Annual Report 2015, you can find it here:



The online database known as the Bariatric Surgery Registry Interface (BSR-i) allows participating surgeons and their data collectors the option to enter data directly onto the electronic interface, eliminating the need for hard copy forms.  To make the transition easier, we offer training for surgeons and their staff via regular webinars.  We also have developed a YouTube Training Video available for those of you who want to skip the webinar training:
For training webinar times please email   
Of course, if your practice still prefers to continue mailing and/or faxing the hard copy forms to the Registry then this is also acceptable.  There is no compulsion to use the online database.  We want to make participation as easy as possible!

Device Information

As the BSR is primarily a quality and safety registry, we are attempting to track the performance of devices.  As such, we require information on all implantable devices you use in your bariatric procedures. If you are using hard copy forms, simply place stickers on the datasheets from all devices used in bariatric procedures this includes, bands and staplers. 
If you are using the BSR-i, please select the devices from the drop down list.  We have compiled a detailed checklist of all devices that we are collecting. If you are unsure of which devices to include, please request a copy of our device checklist.

BSR-i Updates

For those who are currently using BSR-i, we are continuing to work with developers on a more seamless entry of data, and based on your feedback as users, we have recently made some changes which are outlined below.
Entering Devices: When entering a new device, the Serial/Lot number field is no longer mandatory.  Previously, if you did not have the lot/serial number information available, XXXXX could be entered, as it would not allow progression through the database without it.  However, you can now ignore this field and submit the device without a lot or serial number.  
Entering Follow Up: The follow-up worklist is now available!  The BSR-i now has the ability to generate a comprehensive ‘Outstanding Follow-Up’ list for each user.  After logging in, this option will appear on your dashboard screen under the tab titled ‘Worklist’.  This page allows you to select your hospital site on the drop down list.  Patients with a red X on the column to the right means follow-up for that patient is currently outstanding.  By clicking on the red X, the system will navigate to the patient follow-up screen where you can enter and submit the missing information for that patient.  Please note, you can also search your outstanding follow-up list by patient URN or Name in order to navigate through more efficiently.  We will continue to send you an email on 23rd of each month with the follow up that has fallen due during the past month.  The worklist simply collates all outstanding follow up so you can see what is outstanding in a single place.
BSR to follow up: Where you have patients that have not returned for follow up, we’ve reworded the tick box from ‘Recommended LTFU’ to ‘BSR to Follow-Up’ so you can tick ‘BSR to Follow-Up’ which will prompt our call centre to ring the patient.  Should you have any queries pertaining to our call centre, you can email

Rest assured, we are committed to keeping any correspondence confidential and secure. 

BSR Information nights

To date we have held a number of successful information sessions for surgeons and their staff including those in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Townsville, and across Melbourne. The aim of these evenings is to familiarise surgeons and their staff with the Registry’s processes as well as our current progress and future aims.  Equally, we also like to use the information evenings to thank participating surgeons and their staff for their contribution to the Registry. 

If you would like us to visit your practice or organise an event in your area this year, please get in touch with our Customer Relationship Officer, Brittany Smith on   

Healthscope & Ramsay Hospital Sites

We realise that many of you have been patiently waiting for approval at a number of Healthscope and Ramsay hospital sites. We apologise for the delay and are working tirelessly to get approval at our remaining sites.

Healthscope update: We have been working with the Chief Medical Officer of Healthscope, Dr Michael Coglin. We’ve met with Dr Coglin on a number of occasions to work towards centralising ethics approval for all Healthscope sites as this was the preferred method of Registry approval and implementation by Healthscope. This has taken longer than anticipated however we hope to resolve this in the coming weeks and have Healthscope sign-off on Registry participation.

Ramsay update: Ramsay Hospital group has been receiving a large number of interest and queries from a number of other clinical registries in Australia. Given the high number of enquiries, Ramsay sites have put all Registry activities on hold until further notice as they reassess their internal resources and priorities.

*We have sought immediate assistance with the above issues from the Commonwealth who are currently funding the BSR.



Data Entry: When entering data online using the BSR-i, DO NOT enter any leading zero’s or letters in the patient URN. Please begin entering at the first digit. For example, 0000378978 should be entered as 378978 and Z39656 as 39656.


30 Day Follow-up:  The follow-up window for 30 day data is 20-90 days post-operation date. We have recently been receiving forms which are too soon to be entered (less than 20 days). 

Annual Follow-up: Annual follow-ups that have not been completed within 2 months of the anniversary date (ie 14 months, 26 months, 38 months, etc after operation date) are considered overdue however the patient’s weight and diabetes status can still be collected from the patients themselves if they haven’t returned to the rooms within this period.  If you do have patients who have not returned to your rooms for annual follow-up, please tick ‘BSR to Follow-up’ on the BSR-i which will prompt our call centre to ring the patient.

Opt-off: Please let us know if you require additional patient flyers or posters. As we are an opt-off Registry, it is very important that patients receive this information during their pre-operative period. All patients should be aware of the Registry prior to receiving their participant explanatory statement in the post, following surgery.


Thank you!

We hope you have enjoyed reading the sixth issue of the BSR quarterly newsletter.  We look forward to keeping you informed about the developments of the Registry.  Thank you all again for your support, contribution and interest! 

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