The Bariatric Surgery Registry Newsletter 

Issue# 3, 12 June 2015


Welcome to the third edition of the Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR) Newsletter!  As promised this newsletter contains important information including recent developments of the BSR as it continues to roll out across Australia and New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our new initiatives we mentioned in issue 2 was the development of the Frequently Asked Questions brochure.  These brochures have since been developed and are now included in the surgeon welcome packs as well as on our website and we welcome any feedback on these.

National Call Centre

The BSR has also achieved another major objective with the implementation of our national call centre.  The call centre will enable us to contact patients who have not been back for follow-up with their clinical team. 

The BSR-i interface

We have recently completed work on our online database - known as BSR-i.  The BSR-i gives surgeons and their staff the option of directly entering patients into the registry.  It is a simple process, and as we roll the BSR-i out we will be offering training for surgeons and their staff via regular Webinars.  Once enrolled with the on-line database, practices will also have follow-up reminders emailed to them.

If, however, a practice wishes to continue returning the hard copy forms to the registry then this will continue to be an option. There is no compulsion to use the electronic interface.  We are continuing to work with developers on a more seamless entry of data and will keep you updated as the work progresses.

Reminder- patient preoperative information

It was a requirement of ethics committees that the BSR seek consent from patients after their surgery.  This consent is gained by posting the patient an information form about the registry and its processes as well as the information to opt-out, two weeks after their operation.  Despite the information the registry is sending to patients, it is important that this is not the first time that patients are hearing about the Registry as some people can be upset to think that their information has been disclosed to the BSR without their expressed permission.

Therefore, the BSR has provided all contributing surgeons with a poster advertising the BSR that may be hung up in their rooms.  We also provide BSR flyers for patients.  These are designed to be given to patients along with their preoperative information.  It is ideal that the surgeon informs their patient that their information will automatically be submitted to the registry and they will receive a letter after their operation giving them the opportunity to opt-out.

If a patient indicates at this pre-operative stage that they do not want to participate and do not want their data submitted, please do NOT submit their data form.   If in future, you are sent a reminder for that patient after the collection of our ICD-10 cross check has been performed, please let the registry staff know that the patient has chosen to opt off.  If you require any further posters or patient flyers, please contact Charity at the BSR and she will happily send out as many as you need. 

Device Information 

Just a reminder we require stickers on the hard copy datasheets from all devices used in bariatric surgery procedures this includes, bands and staplers. 


The BSR now has a total of 61 approved sites across Australia.  This compares with 44 approved sites in March 2015.
There are 4762 patients who have consented to participate, with a 151 choosing to opt off, and 18 to partially opt-off (meaning the registry cannot contact them).
We still have some way to go, but we are making good progress!

State Approved Sites Sites In progress Sites Remaining
NSW 8 4 39
NT 0 0 1
QLD 9 0 23
SA 7 0 6
TAS 4 1 1
VIC 26 0 16
WA 7 0 8
ACT 0 0 3
  61 4 97


BSR Information nights

We have conducted information nights with surgeons and their teams from Tasmania, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga and Brisbane this year, with events planned in Townsville and Sydney.  The purpose of these evenings is to introduce surgeons, room’s staff and theatre staff to the BSR and to go over the process involved.  If you would like us to visit your practice or organise an event in your area, please let Charity or Brittany know.

Annual reports

We have started collating our annual report as well as surgeons’ first individual reports.  We are planning for these to be distributed by 30 September.  

Thank you!

We hope you have enjoyed reading the third issue of the BSR quarterly newsletter we look forward to continuing contact and keeping you informed about the progress of the registry.  Thanks for your support, participation and interest!

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