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Issue# 7, 17 June 2016


Welcome to the seventh edition of the Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR) Newsletter! We hope you find this edition interesting and informative.
Firstly, we’d like to introduce the newest member of our team, Jenifer Cottrell the new Customer Relations Officer.  Jenifer is looking forward to getting to know all of you and those who are keen to get involved!
We are also very sad to announce that Margaret Anderson will be retiring at the end of the month.  Many of you will have met or spoken with Margaret over the years – she has been with the BSR since its inception and has been a stalwart at Monash/ Alfred for three decades.  We are very sad to see her go but appreciate her years of dedicated service – no doubt our loss will be her golf handicap’s gain!

Posters and Flyers: essential for the consent process.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind all contributing surgeons that our protocol requires you to display a BSR poster at any rooms where you consult.  You should also have the flyers available to give patients at each of these locations.
Contact the Registry to let us know the addresses of any additional consulting rooms and we will organise for each location to have a poster and flyers. If a poster is not convenient and a portable version would suit, let us know as we can arrange this as well.
Contact Charity our Admin Officer for more information – or 03 9903 0725

Rollout – beyond the 15,000 patients

We have had a further 5,096 patients join the registry since reaching our milestone of 10,000 patients.  Once again, we thank you for your contribution and hard work in helping us maintain and expand the registry beyond this milestone. 
We now have 15,096 consented patients on the Registry, with 501 choosing to Opt Off (3.32%).  We have received this patient information from the 110 surgeons (up from 99 in March!) currently contributing from the 83 approved sites across Australia.  Thank you for those who are continuing to send in your forms, or completing your data through the BSR-i.    We are now well past the halfway mark in our national roll-out
State Approved Sites Sites Remaining
NSW 18 30
NT 0 1
QLD 15 16
SA 8 4
TAS 4 1
VIC 29 9
WA 9 7
ACT 0 1
Total: 83 68

Device Information

As the BSR is primarily a quality and safety registry, we are attempting to track the performance of devices.  As such, we require information on all implantable devices you use in your bariatric procedures.

If you are using hard copy forms, simply place stickers on the datasheets from all devices used in bariatric procedures this includes, bands and staplers.  We do not need individual cartridge stickers – just the type of stapler used, and the first reload. 

If you are using the BSR-i, please select the devices from the drop down list.  We do have a field for lot/serial number but if you do not have this information, please leave it blank.  It is not critical information for us and the BSRi will let you save the information with or without this information. 

Data wanted ASAP for the end of the Financial Year Reporting  

We will soon prepare our 4th Annual Report with your own practice's Surgeon's Report to follow  in a few months time.   We therefore want the Registry to be as up to date as possible and request that you submit any outstanding reporting to us as soon as you feasibly can.  We appreciate that you are all running busy practices (busy-ness=lots of available data to report!) and understand time constraints.   Please feel free to contact Jenifer ( to discuss how we can help your practice get up to date with submitting data as it is the Registry's aim is to make participation as pain-free as possible.  

Just a reminder that you will receive Continuing Medical Education credit in recognition of your contribution to the BSR.

Data Collection Changes
Planned vs Unplanned Revision Operations: If you are using the BSR-i (or have seen the new pink forms) you may have noticed that when entering a revision operation you must now answer the question – was the operation planned or unplanned.  If you select the “unplanned” option, a list of complications (related to the previous surgery) will be displayed for you to select one or more options (if you are using pink forms, please note there is a box for the complication). 

Why the change?  Well, as a quality and safety registry, the BSR tracks adverse outcomes following bariatric surgery. One of these measures is an “Unplanned Return to Theatre” in the perioperative period (within 90 days of surgery).  This metric is supposed to reflect the need for an early return to theatre because of an issue with the index operation.  However, there are situations where an early return to theatre is planned as a part of a pathway of care.  For example, if a gastric band is removed, there may be a planned reoperation, such as a sleeve gastrectomy, within 90 days of the band being removed.  This would not constitute an adverse event as the second operation was planned from the outset.  This new field in the revision operation screen allows us to differentiate adverse events from these planned early returns to theatre.

Diabetes Treatment: We have had a number of enquiries with regards to the new injectable antihyperglycaemic drugs (currently Byetta and Victoza) becoming available for diabetes treatment.  These treatments did not fit into our existing categories “Oral Therapy”.  So instead we will now refer to “Non-insulin therapy (single)” and “Non-insulin therapy (multiple)” to cover both these new injectables and oral therapies.  This labelling change has already occurred on the pink operation forms and the blue annual follow up forms and will be rolled out on the BSR-i very soon!
Renamed “Perioperative” Follow-up:  We have renamed our “30 Day” follow-up to the more accurate “Perioperative” follow up.  Remember, the data window for perioperative data is 20-90 days post-operation date.  We hope the relabelling will avoid any confusion! 

The online database known as the Bariatric Surgery Registry Interface (BSR-i) allows participating surgeons and their data collectors the option to enter data directly onto the electronic interface, eliminating the need for hard copy forms.  To make the transition easier, we offer training for surgeons and their staff via regular webinars.  We also have developed a YouTube Training Video available for those of you who want to skip the webinar training:
For training further training information please email    
Paper-based Forms
Of course, if your practice still prefers to continue mailing and/or faxing the hard copy forms to the Registry then this is also acceptable and our internal fax number is 03 9903 0717
Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the pink form (it should have v8.6   4/2016 in the top right-hand corner).  If you need an electronic copy or additional paper copies, please let Charity our Admin Officer know – or 03 9903 0725.
There is no compulsion to use the online database.  We want to make participation as easy as possible!
BSR Information nights
To date we have held a number of successful information sessions for surgeons and their staff including those in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Townsville, and across Melbourne. The aim of these evenings is to familiarise surgeons and their staff with the Registry’s processes as well as our current progress and future aims.  Equally, we also like to use the information evenings to thank participating surgeons and their staff for their contribution to the Registry. 
If you would like us to visit your practice or organise an event in your area this year, please get in touch with our Administration Officer, Charity Bowen,  

Data Entry: When entering data online using the BSR-i, DO NOT enter any leading zero’s or letters in the patient URN. Please begin entering at the first digit. For example, 0000378978 should be entered as 378978 and Z39656 as 39656.
Annual Follow-up: Annual follow-ups that have not been completed within 2 months of the anniversary date (ie 14 months, 26 months, 38 months, etc after operation date) are considered overdue however the patient’s weight and diabetes status can still be collected from the patients themselves if they haven’t returned to the rooms within this period.  If you do have patients who have not returned to your rooms for annual follow-up, please tick ‘BSR to Follow-up’ on the BSR-i which will prompt our call centre to ring the patient.

Thank you!
We hope you have enjoyed reading the seventh issue of the BSR quarterly newsletter.  We look forward to keeping you informed about the developments of the Registry.  Thank you all again for your support, contribution and interest!

SURGEON SURVEY….You may have already received your online Surgeon’s Survey – we would appreciate your participation in the survey so we can understand your current practice and continue to improve the BSR and minimise your workload.  You can complete the survey via your smartphone or any computer!

Contact Us:
Charity Bowen, Administration Officer
T: 03 9903 0725 F: 03 9903 0717
Level 6, 99 Commercial Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
Jenifer Cottrell, Customer Relationship Officer
T: 03 9903 0721


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