Hello <<Name>> !
New album "2358" out now!
You wander and stumble. Through space and time. Literally. Soul searching and yearning for the one thing nobody has ever seen, but most have felt...
Suddenly, something flickers from the glare of your slowly dying flashlight. “That's not what I’m looking for!”, you think. Nonetheless, your ingrained curiosity is stronger...
It’s an ancient recording device with some magnetic cassette tapes lying right beside it.; dust-layered, it kind of looks like it was left here on purpose...
One tape is still loaded in the recorder deck. “Whatever! It's 2 minutes to midnight anyway.”, you think - and hit the play button.

Dear human friends - I'm super excited to finally announce the release of my second album called "2358"!
It's available to listen to and purchase on spartalien.com.
I hope you enjoy the ride and would love to hear your thoughts about it!


PS: I'm online in the chat for the next 2 hours, so maybe see you there :)

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