Hello <<Name>> !
Everyone is busy these days...
...and you probably too - so I will just cut to the chase. Here's a little wrap up about what's going on in my world.

Your feedback on the last EP
Sincere thanks for all your support on THE GREAT FILTER!
I was very thrilled to release this EP. And being able to do so on Kaiseki Digital was a honor I did not expect.
A big THANK YOU to everyone!

Clothing merchandise shop closed
Quality assurance team (me) was not happy. Existing orders got refunded. Looking for a new solution.

One left behind
Somehow nobody wants to give S9M1-4 a home.
S9M1- 1, 2, 3 and 5 have found one. All in different places on this planet.
Don't leave number 4 behind. ;)

The next album
Working hard on making the next album an unique listening experience for you. Recorded a lot of sounds - from nature and objects. Implementing them like before in MONOLOG and THE GREAT FILTER, but on a higher rate so to speak. Of course there will be beats and melodies too, but yea... I won't spoiler more of the suprise for you (not more than I already did).
There is no release date set yet. Although I work every day in the studio - it will not be finished before the end of this year.

Win something
Freebie time! Tell me which track I made is your favorite so far. Describe why and optionally how you feel when you listen to it.
That could be any single, album or ep track. Old or new. The only limit is that you choose only one.
You can do so by replying to this email, writing an entry in my guestbook or sending me a message on Twitter.
I will collect all the messages and on 13. January 2019 a script will choose one random winner.
The winner can choose from:
- MONOLOG (digital album)
- THE GREAT FILTER (digital ep)
- The next album (digital album)

So long - I hope you are doing well! Stay tuned.


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