Hello <<Name>> !
A story about being focused...
...that's pretty much my life in the last months. And it was worth it. I love the result and what I learned on this journey.

Album Progress
Everything is recorded, edited and composed. I'm currently in the phase of mixing and mastering. If life doesn't hit me (or all of us) with another rock, it should be ready in about 2-3 weeks.
The best guess for a release date I can give you is somewhen between the end of February and the mid of March.

New Single
I've contributed a track called Frozen Memories to the forthcoming Bento Box Vol. 2 album on Kaiseki Digital. That should be out around the mid of March too.

Random Piano Doodles (video)
Just a late night practice project, but I like the vibe it has:
I need to get used to a new video editing software and had this video/audio material lying around. Thought the result has its own vibe. Patience living beings will see more than just two humans standing around.
About the music: I sometimes record my random doodling in the morning before starting to work on a track... to get into the mood or capture ideas while mentally waking up. Don't expect a skillful piano concert, its really just me playing around... and I can't play better live yet.

That's all folks, for now.

Thank you for your continued support!

Stay strong,

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