Hello <<Name>> !
The waiting will soon be over...
Grab your calendar and mark Friday, the 13. April 2018. This is the day I will release the album. Yes! That's in about three days already (assuming you've opened this email on the day I've sent it).

The album title will be MONOLOG and its runtime ~66 minutes. Here's how I describe it in my own words:

"Stereophonic pictures recorded by a brain. A deep dive into the abyss of instincts. A honest and unfiltered output of the feelings from an alien that has lost his star map. Trying to dismantle the potential answers to unanswered questions. Faith. Loss. Nostalgia. Change. Life. Death. For you and them. All of us.

Although you can listen to the tracks independently - the album is meant to be one piece. Relax, close your eyes, breathe and listen. Thank you."

For the more visually oriented, here's cover art:

1. Setting The Mood (Intro) 03:54
2. Calling You 04:11
3. Transformation 09:39
4. Denial (Interlude 1) 01:33
5. Clinging 08:06
6. Deadline 06:25
7. Blurry Sight (Interlude 2) 01:57
8. Moping 05:26
9. Drifting 05:48
10. Approach (Interlude 3) 02:43
11. Unforeseen End 06:35
12. Il Tramonto Del Sole 05:19
13. Good Bye Cruel World (Outro) 05:04

That's all so far about the album. I've put my heart and soul into it and can't hardly wait to hear your thoughts about it once you've heard it!

Beside all that, there is now much more information about me on the website for the more curious. If you want to connect more with me, just send an email or message through my various social profiles.

So long, tell your friends and stay tuned for the 13. April :)
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