September 2015
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2-1-1 Centers in Wisconsin have been chosen to partner with the CDC and Poison Control to create a network of triage lines to use during a pandemic. Staff from 2-1-1 call centers across the state have been trained and will participate in a flu pandemic simulation mid-September.

On August 1, United Way of Wisconsin began managing 2-1-1 Wisconsin; implementing the policies and directives of the 2-1-1 Wisconsin Board and partnering with active, local 2-1-1 call centers. This transition will strengthen partnerships between United Ways and 2-1-1s across Wisconsin and enhance the capacity for 2-1-1 Wisconsin sustainability and growth.

Welcome Jessica Kwapil (pictured) from Kenosha County ADRC as the new Wisconsin AIRS Board President! For a complete list of current board members and their contact information, click HERE!


Welcome to the September issue of the Wisconsin AIRS Newsletter!

There is a lot going on this month in the I&R world! Our annual conference is coming up, 2-1-1 Wisconsin has switched management, and there are some great training opportunities open to ADRC employees. You'll find details on all of these items and more in this month's newsletter.

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Mark your calendars--the Wisconsin AIRS conference is right around the corner! Join us for informational sessions, networking, and Executive Coach Alonzo Kelly's inspirational keynote.

Sessions include:
Long Term Care Program Update:IRIS
Ethics & Boundaries
Dementia Capable/Friendly Community Success & Challenges
Centralized Access into Homeless Services: Milwaukee’s 2-1-1 Approach
Communicating Across Generations

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Check Dr. Amy Flowers' Keynote Presentation!

Dr. Flowers and her team at Analytic Insight have conducted numerous customer satisfaction research initiatives in Wisconsin and across the country.  This research has demonstrated the value of high quality Information & Referral/Assistance Services. Dr. Flowers shares key insights gained during years of research and highlights skills and approaches I&R/A professionals use to be effective in the field. View the webinar HERE!

Articles of Note

Wisconsin was highlighted in the July edition of the AIRS Networker as having the most AIRS Certification holders in the United States! To see the full read out of the report, click HERE!


Existing CIRS-A Holder Disability Training Now Available

By  Anne  Fogoros
Chair,  AIRS  Certification  Commission
This article was taken out of the March AIRS Newsletter. To view the entire newsletter, click HERE!

AIRS  in  partnership  with  n4a  and  NASUAD,  is  transitioning  the  professional  credential  of  a  CIRS Aging  (CIRSA)  to  a  CIRS Aging/Disabilities  (CIRSA/D).  

We  are  pleased  to  announce  that  the  free  online   disability  training  for  existing  CIRS-­‐‑A  holders  is  now  available.  All  CIRS A  holders  will  have  to  complete  this  training  before  their  next  recertification  date.  However,  there  is  plenty  of  time   for  you  to  take  this  training  –  so  please   don’t   all  rush  to  do  so  at  once,  in  case  it  overloads  the  system!

The  training  course  is  titled  “Disability  for  I&R  Specialists”  and  is  available   on  the  NASUADiQ  website  at  hSp://  If  you  are  new  to  NASUADiQ,   you  must  create  a  new  account.  Please  note  that  there  is  no  fee  to  create  an  account  or  to  take  the  training  course.  Directions  for  creating  an  account   are  available   on  the  NASUADiQ  site.  There  is  also  an  Instructional  Guide   to  Online  Learning  Center  available  for  those  who  would  like  more  assistance  in  using  this  online  learning  site.
To  access  the  disability  training,  go  to  “Disability  for  I&R  Specialists”  under  ‘available  courses.’  Once  you  enroll  in  the  course,  
you  will  have  45  days  to  complete  it.  The  course   is  provided  in  several  formats,  including  a  wriSen  narrative  report,  a  set  of  
slides,  and  a  narrated  presentation  that  includes  slides  accompanied  by  an  audio  presentation.  The  training  concludes  with  a  
free,  self-­‐‑administered  20-­‐‑question  quiz.  The  quiz  must  be  passed  (at  a  cut  score  of  75%)  but  can  be  taken  multiple  times  without  
penalty.  Once  you  have  successfully  passed  the  quiz,  you  will  be  able  to  generate,  print,  and/or  save  a  Certificate  of  Completion.   
You  will  need  this  Certificate  of  Completion   in  order  to  formally   recertify   as  a  CIRS-­‐‑A/D  at  the  time   your  CIRS-­‐‑A  was  due  to  
expire. Here  is  a  summary  of  the  essential  information:

Transition  for  current   CIRS-­‐‑A  Holders
•   As  stated  at  the  beginning  of  this   project,  once  the  CIRS-­‐‑A/D  becomes  available  to  the  field,  it  will  be  the  only   option   for  
individual  Aging  and  Disabilities  practitioners  (i.e.  there  will  be  no  separate  certification  relating  only  to  Aging)
•   The  free  online  training  module  will  be  available  on  the  NASUAD  IQ  Online  Learning  Center  (hSp://  
This  course  can  also  account  for  2  of  the  10  hours  professional  training  required  for  your  next  AIRS  Recertification  
•   The  training  focuses  on  basic  awareness  issues  regarding  persons  with  disabilities,  including  definitions  of  the  various  types  
of  disabilities
•   The  training  concludes  with  a  free,  self-­‐‑administered  (i.e.,  non-­‐‑proctored)  online  quiz  that  includes   no  more  than  20  
questions.  The  quiz  must  be  passed  (cut  score  of  75%)  but  can  be  taken  multiple  times  without  penalty  
•   Individuals  who  pass  the  quiz  will  receive  a  Certificate  of  Completion

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