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I am excited to launch the first of a series of newsletters this year that will help keep you up to date my inspired adventures and new works. For queries, please note my new business e-mail address is and please delete my old address, alex@… so we can stay in touch.

It would be an understatement that autumn of 2016 was a time of international reckoning. As the year turned over, assessing my own personal place and purpose in this otherwise mad world, I carved a meditation in my mind to create a form of invisible support for me as to where to place my life energy. Daily, I now remind myself of this mantra:

Through the practice of my creative process and deep listening, I will passionately create sacred spaces and enduring works of art that are healing and heart centered…
I invite you to visit my evolving website and particularly take some time with my Pipestone Sentinel, "The Blood, The Bread and The Bones", who eternally stands strong. This fertile figure, emerging from this sacred stone beckons me to remember the enduring strength of both man and womankind. She embodies all who stand strong, though vulnerable in their suffering. Standing Strong appears to be an essential building block on a global level in this new year. Although I carved this piece in 2006, I feel her message is more poignant today than ever, and am releasing her from my personal collection, making her available for the discerning collector.
The Blood,The Bread, and The Bones 
Utah Pipestone, 32”x6”x6”
Now available for purchase through Morosco Fine Arts

Legacy Sculptures
As a sculptor, I am a three-dimensional story-teller. My gift lies in deep listening and then translating this shared information into matter; delivering stories in stone or bronze. Some of the most inspiring work I have been blessed with in my life has been that of creating unique, sculptural memorials.  Through creating one-of-a-kind, custom memorials together with family, loved ones or community honors the grieving process and imparts true healing. I think of these as story stones or Legacy Sculptures.
(upper) Fisherman’s Memorial, Inis Oírr, Aran, Ireland, 2013
(lower left) Caomhán Seoighe memorial commissioned by the U.N. and Irish Army, Ireland, 2015
(lower right) Emergence, private garden, Seattle, WA, 2016
Creating a Legacy Sculpture is a celebration of a person, animal, or relationship we have shared this life with. For me, it is the place where my vocation and avocation truly meet, and where I am deepening my focus at this time. Please read more about Legacy Sculptures on my website, and share with friends and family who may be journeying through a time of loss.

May the language of art be an inspiration to you, as it continues to be for me, and I hope to connect with you in the year ahead.

Standing strong,
~ Alexandra
Morosco Fine Arts
Whidbey Island, Washington

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