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I'm excited to write you this month because I get to gush and gush about my latest Dwellings build with The Well.  I think one small reason the week was amazing is because how my trip started. Flying through Houston from El Paso, I had the opportunity to enjoy Pink's Pizza AND by the time I arrived in Nayarit, the Houston Astros became World Champions.  Done and done.
I only had a few days to get the base ready for the team so I was a busy dude that Thursday and Friday.  Some others helped out, which I was super thankful for. Especially spraying for the weeds in and around the property.  Saturday morning Steve and I left for Mazatlán to pick up the team.  Since Kelly and I got to meet some of the new team members this past summer in Utah, it didn't take long before we were all best buds and ready to get to work!  Just the amount of time to mesh with the group, in my opinion, went really quick this go around.  Once we were back in Cofradía, the team settled in then went out for tacos in Las Pilas.  That was my first time getting the famous street tacos since the first week of El Reto.  Yeah, way too long.  We also enjoyed service Sunday morning at Centro Cristiano. With several Spanish speakers on the team, conversation during meet & greet was a lot of fun.  We even had Mike get up and share his testimony with the congregation.  I know Cofradía appreciates the opportunity to hear these as they are reminders that even though we can be miles apart and from different cultures, our struggles and victories are often the same.
The first day of hard labor came quick, as we headed out to Tuxpan soon after service on Sunday.  The team needed to stack a lot of blocks that afternoon so we didn't have time to waste.  With the help of some friends, including future home owner Pastor Abimael, they got farther than I expected.  They even worked a little past sun down.  Great start to the build and a glimpse of what the rest of the week would hold.
As a reader of The Grant Connection, you don't mind a lot of pictures in your updates do you?  Sorry, heavy dose this month.  It's like my pizza, double pepperoni please.  Double the pictures!
The rest of the week went as smooth as Day 1.  I think they even picked up the pace, if that was possible.  Four more days of house build and the Perez Garcia Family had a home.  The speed at which they all worked was eye opening by itself, but throw in the working conditions and you are left speechless.  Fighting bugs, roosters saying good morning at night, dogs finding play energy at 3am, and the morning menu options over the loud speaker at 6am, the team didn't get the best of rest.  And now that I think about it...  This would be a perfect time to say, "Come to Cofradía and build a home with us!!" ha.  They were troopers though and judging by their work ethic, you would have thought we gave them all Tempurpedics from Gallery Furniture.  I also have to mention the work site was hot. Like H.O.T. hot. The only shade available was covering our small rest area.  So, while working, you were getting beat up by the sun.  Made the days seem long and the need for snacks (for me) all the more important.  (I would be a perfect candidate for those Snickers commercials. Seriously, I need snacks or else.  Jay can attest to this.)
We had a lot of help this time from the community.  This payed off big and gave the team the motivation to keep at it.  Goyo helped with electrical, Sergio helped with everything, Diego helped with smooth walling, Hugo kept mezcla fresh and ready...With this being the first build of the new design with a team, I don't think we could have planned for a better amount of support.  First attempt and we hit the sweet spot.  It's a huge praise to God for providing our needs throughout the week.
I couldn't be happier for Pastor Abi and his family.  They will be forever grateful for The Well and the help they received.  I know the team was thankful for them as well.  Throughout the week Abimael's wife, Martha, and others came at different times each day to provide fresh water, sweet bread, and donuts(!) as delicious energy boosters.
The dedication on Friday, where the team handed over the set of keys was special. You couldn't help but notice the impact that Abimael and his family have had on so many people.  We had team members share, friends of the family share, members of Abi's church share, even the guy that sold us their new 6 burner stove came to the dedication and spoke a few words.  It was a packed house as we toured the finished product, and everyone ate well afterwards.
Job done amazingly well.  The team put in so much hard work throughout the week that it was their time to relax.  Steve and I headed back to Mazatlán with the team for some downtime and team dinner.  We had a great time with them and as always it was hard to say goodbye the following day.  

Now that we are towards the end of this update, I'm struggling on how to further describe the fun I had with the group. I wish through the process and years of writing these updates I would be better with my words but I don't know how else to say it...
Thank you to Cheryl and Henry for their connection to Cofradía and their desire to go out.  Thank you to Jason and Erica, the pastors of The Well in SLC, for standing behind the team and their desire to build continued relationships with the community of Cofradía.  Thank you to Mike, Tanner, Darren, Brian, Joe, Brian, Andrekus, Teresa, Cindy, Cheryl, Sharon and Steve for your willingness to come, serve, and bless Pastor Abimael and his family. Thank you Luis and Hugo for your direction, guidance and help throughout the build. Thank you to the Dwellings Staff for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the best ministry in Mexico.
If you are looking for a way to serve and can't figure out what that looks like, please please please consider Dwellings.  It's an amazing opportunity that fits the "first time mission trip" person to the "I've been on 127318273 mission trips" person.  You can check out the newly revamped Dwellings site here for more information, or shoot me an email.  They are currently building homes in multiple locations, but Cofradía is best.  Not that I would be biased in any way, shape or form.
There are many but one of my happy places.  It's been such a blessing to work my friends and family in Cofradía.
Prayer Requests:
Freedom in Christ - Steve, Luis, and Goyo are leading a 3 day conference in December at Centro Cristiano.  They are alternating teaching the lessons so please pray for energy and wisdom.

Dwellings 15 Build - In January a team from Cy-Fair Christian Church is coming down to bless Florentina with a home!  She is a favorite at Centro Cristiano and I'm so excited Cy-Fair chose her!  Please pray they can recruit more team members and for their preparation for the trip.

¡Cuánto nos ama!
Lain and Kelly Grant
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