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Light and Airy
Zoom Loom Shawl

Designed by John Mullarkey

I wanted to play with squares of different densities for this piece. I knew that an entire shawl of fine yarn would be too delicate structurally, but I wondered what would happen if I used some lacey squares as part of the pattern? I created a shawl pattern made up of a majority of double stranded squares and used a smaller number of single stranded squares as accents.

Skill level: Advanced beginner.
Number of squares needed: 57 double stranded, 28 single stranded.
Finished Size: 30” x 26”, not including fringe.
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr hand painted wool/silk in variegated blue, 5.5 oz, or 1800 yards.
Notions: Yarn needle, size F crochet hook.

Weaving instructions:  Weave 57 squares doubling the yarn (using two strands together as one). Weave 28 squares single stranded. 
Assembly: Arrange the squares of single and double strand squares according to the layout diagram. Join the squares using a whipstitch. To stabilize the edges of the shawl, crochet two rows of single crochet in the loops around the outside edges of the shawl. Use a size F crochet hook or a size necessary to keep the edge from drawing in or puckering. Sew in all ends. Attach fringe to the short ends of the shawl. Hand wash and block.

John Mullarkey is a weaver, designer, author and teacher (he also helped us develop the redesign of the Zoom Loom). Jane met up with John this summer at Midwest Weaver’s Conference and New England Weaver’s Seminar where he was making fans of his students. Check out is website for his classes and workshops:

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Construction Schematic
Black squares = single stranded squares
Personal Stories Spotlight

As a way to inspire you to share your own story for our Personal Stories Contest. Benjamin Krudwig, our media specialist shares his story.

Benjamin spinning on his first spindle.

My path to weaving and spinning was a bit circuitous, though isn't it true that few paths in life are straightforward? I have always been a yarn person, starting with knitting and crochet. Throughout college I was intrigued by the way threads interlaced with each other to create fabrics. I watched numerous videos on weaving though my arts program didn't offer a textile track.
Fast forward four years:

I started at Schacht as a shipping assistant, and as I was packing boxes filled with our products I felt the draw of these mastercrafts pull me in deeper and deeper. Three years later I am the proud owner of three spinning wheels, four looms and dozens of other accessories. I've become a true fiber enthusiast.
I was initially drawn to Schacht by its fresh look and the high quality of craftsmanship. My first drop spindle was a Schacht even before I realized what the company was or that I would eventually work here.

Weaving and spinning has given me an artistic voice that I am proud to call my own. It has also expanded my understanding of the fiber arts community. The wealth of knowledge and the abundance of inspiration that surrounds me keeps me going every day. I am consistently surprised and awe-struck by what people are creating using our products.

Benjamin's first spindle

I feel that I am only at the beginning of my weaving and spinning journey. I intend to further my education in the crafts and keep making things by hand.

-Benjamin Krudwig
Cherry Baby Wolf
Cherry Looms are Back!
Our Wolf Looms offer all of the advantages of portability without sacrificing any of the best big-loom features. Add superb craftsmanship and our thoughtful design and you’ve got looms that you’ll love weaving on project after project.
Our X-frame design makes the Wolf Looms easy to fold for storage or transportation. Barrel nut construction and traditional woodworking joinery make for stability and sturdiness. The jack system allows total freedom of treadling, operating each shaft independently of every other shaft. The parallel lamms assure you of easy treadling and a large, clear shed. All looms have a sturdy ratchet gear, friction brake and lift off front and back beams.

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