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Happy Valentine's Day!
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Punctuation rules are confusing, particularly those surrounding commas, semi-colons, and dashes. In this post, I tackle the comma: when to use it, and how much is too much.


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Coming Soon!
by Elise Abram

Advanced Reader Copies now available.

When seventeen-year-old Judith meets Cain, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. Cain is the most beautiful human being Judith has ever seen, but he hides a dangerous secret. When Jo-Jo, Cain's surrogate father, offers her a job, she accepts, unaware she's been recruited as a pawn in Jo-Jo's ecoterrorist plot.

THE NEW RECRUIT is a timely story, exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

Email for your Advanced Reader Copy.

For a limited time
by Jon D. Zimmer

on sale for $0.99!

In The Narcissist: A Dark Journey, Charlotte Prentice is beautiful, intellectual and dangerous. She will do whatever it takes to achieve the adoration and success she desires.

Who is this woman whose beauty is only overshadowed by her intellect?

Charlotte herself doesn’t know.

Outwardly, she is a woman who fights against discrimination and poverty, an advocate of education and freedom. To the onlooker, Charlotte is perfection. But on the inside, there is something darker lurking, something that pushes her single-minded plans forward without empathy.

She and her ilk are the scourge of our society, driven to success to satisfy their needs at any cost. They are the business leaders and politicians who woo us with deceit and shallow promises. Sometimes we are amused by them. Other times we are stricken by them. But make no mistake: they are not amusing; they are calculating and dangerous.

Is she guilty of her crimes, or the victim of the ills of society? In The Narcissist: A Dark Journey, the reader is both judge and jury where Charlotte Prentice is concerned.


For a limited time
WICKED CRIES by Michelle Areaux
on sale for $0.99!

For 16-year-old Sadie Sanders, dealing with the dead is growing tiresome, especially when they expect her to be their messenger from the afterlife. But when her family moves to Salem, Massachusetts, and she finds the diary of a young girl named Elizabeth who was accused of witchcraft, she may need some help. Soon, Elizabeth begins to haunt Sadie, first in her dreams and then when she’s awake. As Sadie delves into Elizabeth’s journal, she slowly uncovers the secret Elizabeth needs to reveal, and it’s one that could change the course of history. Sadie needs help, and she wonders who, if anyone, she can tell about it. Worried that her friends and family wouldn’t believe her, or worse, prevent her from continuing her journey to find the truth, Sadie has a choice to make…and it’s not going to be an easy one.
For a limited time
I WAS, AM, WILL BE ALICE by Elise Abram
on sale for $0.99!

When Alice Carroll is in grade three she narrowly escapes losing her life in a school shooting. All she remembers is the woman comforting her in the moments before the gunshot, and that one second she was there, the next she wasn't.
It's bad enough coming to terms with surviving while others, including her favourite teacher, didn't, let alone dealing with the fact that she might wink out of existence at any time.
Alice spends the next few years seeing specialists about her Post Traumatic Stress as a result of VD--Voldemort Day--but it's not until she has a nightmare about The Day That Shall Not Be Mentioned, disappears from her bed, is found by police,  and taken home to meet her four-year-old self that she realizes she's been time travelling.
Alice is unsure if her getting unstuck in time should be considered an ability or a liability, until she disappears right in front of her high school at dismissal time, the busiest time of day. Worried that someone may find out about her problem before long, Alice enlists her best friend (and maybe boyfriend), Pete, to help her try to control her shifting through time with limited success. She's just about ready to give up when the shooter is caught. Alice resolves to take control of her time travelling in order to go back to That Day, stop the shooting, and figure out the identity of the stranger who'd shielded Alice's body with her own.
This just out:

by Gerhard Wetzel!

Hitler is in power. Surrounded by madness, the charcoal painter sketches the story of the Strauss family. Forced to kill his own men to ensure his survival as a reluctant soldier in France, his luck changes when a fortuitous wound declares him war-essential. Back in Germany, he meets the widow of his sergeant. When he finds himself falling in love with Maria and her young daughter, he dedicates himself to their survival. His father, a policeman who is also caught up in the racial genocide of the Nazi regime, seeks atonement for his actions by hiding a Jew in his secret garden. In love with a wealthy naval officer, his brother finds himself a POW in Canada where he hopes to start his life anew Sweeping from France and Russia to the depths of the North Atlantic and Canada, The Charcoal Painter is a story of survival in the face of terror, fear, and despair.
Contact for an advance reader eCopy.
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