September 2020
PROMs, PREMs and the COPM
One of the goals of health care is to restore clients’ health and sense of well-being, enabling them to return to their daily lives. PROMS and PREMS are valuable health care tools that help therapists optimally address this goal. 

So, what are PROMs and PREMs? 

PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) are measures that capture the clients’ perceptions of their health outcomes. They inform service providers about whether their interventions have made a difference in client outcomes, and inform decision making at the clinical and system level.

PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures) are measures which capture clients’ perceptions of their experience with the care process. They allow service providers to measure the quality of service delivery and ultimately use this information to improve the client experience. 

However, just because a measure gathers client reports does not automatically mean it will improve client-centeredness. Conversely, using an individualized tool that captures a client’s most important concerns, ensures that the needs of each client is addressed. 

The COPM is an excellent PROM and it can support the PREM process. It is a client-centred, evidence-based, outcome measure that enables individuals to identify and prioritize everyday functional issues that restrict or impact on their daily life. 

As an outcome measure, the COPM can be the PROM of choice. Using the client voice to identify the most important functional difficulties ensures that the outcomes measured are those that matter to the client. COPM data provide clinicians and organizations with evidence that their care positively impacts client outcomes. It also allows a focus of resources on the outcomes that will make the biggest impact in the client’s life. 

The COPM supports the PREM process by prioritizing clients’ perspectives. The COPM begins with a conversation about the most important functional difficulties clients have in relation to their health and well-being. By starting the therapeutic process in this way, clinicians easily establish a relationship in which the client feels valued and heard. This not only optimizes client-centred care, it is likely to improve the client experience. 

In summary, the COPM provides a valid representation of the outcome of intervention and can also support quality care. It is valuable as the PROM of choice and supports the PREM process. 

Khadija Bounekhla, H.BSc, M.Ed
MScOT Student at the University of Toronto
Anne Carswell, PhD, OT(C), FCAOT
COPM Author and Director
Resource: Bounekhla, K. (2020). The COPM as a PROM and PREM in stroke care. Toronto Stroke Network: Sunnybrook Hospital. URL: TBD

You can purchase the English version of the manual and measure in digital PDF and paper formats. The French version of the manual and measure are available in digital PDF format.

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